Round Seven Hit - Cradle to Fall

Sean looked at his reflection in a lobby mirror. He was trying to give himself a mental pep talk. Sam, his sister, was no longer around to coach him through the tough situations. He was going to have to play this game on his own. After giving himself a stern talking to, he didn't feel quite so down. Sean made his way towards the convention displays as he tried to work the problem out in his head. Think. Think. Where was the one place they really hadn't looked? Convinced he had figured it out, Sean headed for the 'Infants and Toddlers' section.

Teddy Bears, Dolls, and the latest in fuzzy blankets. It was a wonderland for the tiny. Sean inspected everything within his reach. He mashed teddy bears and he rattled rattles. This was the home stretch, he had to find something. He wrapped himself in blankets, watched mobiles spin, and he listened to lullabies. He listened to lullabies.... What was the strange noise? Sean got down on his knees so that he could listen to the player better. There was definitely an odd background noise.

Sean stood up. He knew he couldn't stay here, he would need to pass this information on. Just in case. Picking up a company card from the display, he headed toward the front desk. He would leave the card and a note for one of his contacts, he just hoped they got the message in time.

There had been someone else in the 'Infants section'. Someone unnoticed but who had seen Sean's research. Now that someone followed Sean to the front desk and then to the stairwell.

"It is good that you listen, it isn't always just what you see. Did you find anything interesting?"

Sean didn't know. Maybe he did, and maybe he didn't. He was however certain that he didn't have time have time to talk. With a smile and a shrug, Sean made polite excuse to avoid further conversation and kept walking. Moments later, he got his feet tangled or something and tripped. Just as he began to stand up, Sean felt something hit him in the back of the legs. The final blow came to the back of the head. As Sean lay on the stairs, the silent figure walked past him without giving a parting glance.