Round Seven OOC

In the absence of something witty.... Discuss

zorgoz 17 years ago
The clues are so obvious pointing towards me, I'm not even going to try and defend myself and point the attention at one of the others.
Though before I go, I have to complain a little bit about the way this game was run..from the FAQ...

The third way a character can die is via natural causes. If a player does not vote for two consecutive lynches and does not post on the game threads for two game days with no notice to the mod of their status, that player will die quietly in their sleep. Or through a freak, horrible, bloody accident.

Tor did not vote in the round 3 or 4 votes. I PMed the mods about it, and they said someone dies on the third day after not voting, though the FAQ specifically says 2 days. The wording of this should be changed, otherwise we (mafia) would have won.

Also another complaint; the clues seemed a bit too obivious in a few of the hits. 1: The round 4 hit took place in the antique section. Dia collected antiques, so who else but her would be lurking there? 2: In the latest hit, round 7, the hit to the back of the legs. I mean come on, why not say "Sean didn't even see the midget with a bat whack his legs"

Not to be a poor sport, but I think this game was a little unfair. I'm suprised we lasted as long as we did.
Mai 17 years ago
It is all in how you play the game. Personally I have seen more than one game lost far sooner for either side. This game has come down to three players, it doesn't get much more fair than that.

The clues are going to be there, you've just got to work the people and the hits so that they appear to be someone else. Last game we practically shouted from the rooftops who the mafia were, especially in the last few posts but people didn't see it and the mafia were working their butts off behind the scenes to turn the townies on other townies. They won because of how they played the game.
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
I thought it was exceptionally well-written. Had you paid attention to the last game you might have noticed that the inactives died on the 3rd day. You've gotta give 'em 2 days to not vote before you can kill 'em off, hey?

In addition, on the post with Sean's death, he is down on the ground when he gets whacked in the legs. That could have been anyone. Had he been standing when he'd gotten hit, I might have wondered.

Your sportsmanship leaves a lot to be desired. Sorry, but after starting out with what I considered a VERY unfair 6 mafia to 25 freaking townies in Hogwarts mafia, AND given the fact that Mai and Veri damn near had to wave neon signs at you all to get you to vote properly the few times that you did, I have to attribute this one to 'user error.' We mafia worked our asses off last game to pull off a win, which came down to one vote, mine, placed at 11:58 that night.

Take it like a man and admit you lost this round... and try to do better next time. It's just a game.

Thanks Mai and Rae, I thought you did an excellent job and can't wait to be horribly maimed next time around!
Aniyah 17 years ago
Is this your first game zorg? Try another to get the feel for it. I know my first game I was so lost I couldn't find my ass with both hands and...well however the rest of that phrase goes!
zorgoz 17 years ago
Im not saying that this wansnt a fun game, because it was. I just gave some things that need improvement. Yes, I read the hogwarts mafia game and noticed people died on the third day after not voting. But I didn't do this until after I noticed Tor was still alive, because the rules state that after 2 days of not voting, he should die. That is why I said that it should be edited to make that more clear, because it did in fact alter the way I played that particular day.
Same with the clues. They were all good in my opinon, except for those two. Neither of them were actually ever discussed openly in the ooc forum, but were almost too obvious. There were also other parts of different hits that, to someone who doesn't already know who the mafia are, make another townie seem unfairly suspicious.
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
How a townie does or doesn't look is pure speculation and how the players choose to interpret the clues. You are playing a literary game; without access to a full lexicon the mods cannot create an interesting environment. That's the whole point.

So in the same post you're saying... the mafia were too easy to spot but at the same time the mods pointed to people who weren't mafia?

Seriously, this is the sort of thing that makes hardworking mods stop wanting to run games. They put in a LOT of time and effort to doing this for us, and if all we can do is repay them but bitching about how poorly run the game was or how unfair the hints were, well...

I'd rather see you go than them.

Kudos Rae, on your first mafia, btw.
zorgoz 17 years ago
Is this your first game zorg? Try another to get the feel for it. I know my first game I was so lost I couldn't find my ass with both hands and...well however the rest of that phrase goes!

This is my second, but first as mafia.

Blackrabbit, I think you're making too much of what I said. If what I posted wasn't good, how would you prefer I go about making a suggestion for future games? Thats all I'm doing. Im not saying they suck and they shouldn't do this anymore, Im giving some feedback. I enjoyed the game very much, but I think the rules need to be edited for wording to make them more clear

That is the main thing that needs to be improved imo, if the rules were followed strictly, the whole game would be different by the one persons death
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
It's funny how you find the words to be diplomatic now, when your initial post was pretty rude. Your criticism was really nothing but poorly-phrased whining, and the fact that you decided to do so before the mods even finished out the game is the poorest of sportsmanship and shows little respect.

So therefore my first suggestion to you in terms of 'suggesting' improvements, is that you show some respect for the mods writing the scenes, and for the players who are still enjoying them.

Next, you can perhaps phrase your 'suggestions' in such a way as to not be as abrasive as possible.

Such as:

"I was under the impression that an inactive player would be knocked out after missing two votes, but Tor is still around. Can you clarify this rule please?" And then perhaps followed up by a suggestion that the phrasing of the rule be changed.

So no, I'm not reading too much into what you said. I am offended by your attitude on behalf of the mods and on behalf of the people who put time into making this enjoyable, and have little tolerance for anyone who can't fall gracefully.
Rae 17 years ago
We followed the rules. I'm sorry you feel that we didn't. I even confirmed the rules with Verileah for you. Mai and I put alot of effort into trying to make this work. As was said by the others, it is how you play the game. If you go back and look at the voting threads, you will see that this game had mafia turning on mafia. It was a tactical decision. How well it worked is a matter of opinion. Round four was almost a tie. Dia might have been lost anyway, but she could have taken Tor with her. Two people that round voted differently from the others. An effort could have been made to get one of them to change it. As far as the part about Sean being hit in the legs, I think you are forgetting that Sean had kept walking which would have put distance between him and his attacker. Where it would make sense that a midget would hit Sean in the back of the legs to knock him down, it would also make sense for someone who is a few steps below to do the same thing so that they could keep Sean from getting away. Your character had a bat, Willie was a janitor, it is very likely that at some point he might have acquired a mop or a broom. Overall though, I think you would be surprised at the number of clues that were actually missed. Again I am sorry you are unhappy, we honestly did our best to be fair.

Thank you for your support BR.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Staff would have preferred you approach the mods privately instead of skewering them in public. Helpful or not, it comes across as disrespectful and you possibly ruined a game for the other's participating. Yes I saw you already pm'd one of the mods, but apparently you didn't get the response you were wanting so you went public. Your choice, however not a good one in my eyes.

If you choose to play another mafia, please remember that if you have suggestions, approach staff. That's why we're here.
zorgoz 17 years ago
Blackrabbit, my PMs sounded almost exactly like that:

My original PM:
Is Tor dead? He didnt vote in round 3 or 4...but he voted tonight so I just want to check

From Rae:
You are allowed to miss two votes. It is after you miss the third one that you die. He only missed two.

From me:
Are you sure? The way it is worded in the FAQ, I got the impression that after the second, you died.

From Rae:
I was fairly certain of the rule, but I double checked with Verileah for you to be sure. What I told you is correct. It is only after you miss the third vote that you die. Tor has only missed two, so he is fine.

From Me:
Darn lol, well thanks for checking it =)

Imo, that was a very polite approach. Then, when I made my first post here, I may have been upset, but I don't think my post was rude. I'm sorry if I offended you Rae, but I think you did a great job, but if you don't want suggestions for improvement, I'll keep my mouth shut from now on