Bond Mafia - Finale

Rudolph finished packing his things. His job here was done. The prototypes had worked as expected and were cleared for manufacturing and distribution. All Rudolph and the others had to do was make sure that no one suspected the true purpose of the baby toys. It had been a close call with Stythal. Of course he wouldn’t be telling anyone now. There had been some concern about the message Stythal had left at the front desk. But seriously, what were the odds that anyone else would suspect innocent background noises.

Shrugging off his doubts, Rudolph took one last look around the room. Baseball bat? Check. Gum? Check. Bellybutton lint? Ready to go. With everything the way it should be, he opened the door to exit the room. Blocking his path was mop bucket full of bloody water. Rudolph had a pretty good idea of where the blood came from, but he wasn’t going to wait around for the confirmation. It wasn’t like he could step over something half his height, he was going to have to go around. Just as he stepped to the side of the bucket, a tall looming figured appeared in front of him. But that wasn’t all, Rudolph felt the distinct presence of a blade at the back of his neck.

“Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I can carve a Butterball in two minutes flat. I trying to get that down to 60 seconds. Please give me a reason to practice”

Rudolph didn’t need both eyes to see that things were not looking good. In front of him was Willie the janitor standing on the business end of a mop. Crouched behind him was Dallas. From the way she was standing, it would be easier for Rudolph to get past her than Willie. He dropped his bat on Dallas’s foot causing her to shift her weight. Seizing at the momentary distraction, Rudolph pushed past her and ran as fast as his tiny legs would take him. It wasn’t fast enough. Dallas recovered quickly and pushed the box cutter blade to full extension before throwing it. At the same moment, Willie let go of the mop handle causing it fall as if it had been spring loaded. The ending result was the mop had pushed the blade deeper into Rudolph’s back.

The two remaining agents looked down at the body and shrugged. It had been an interesting day. Willie had been “cleaning” the display area when he had seen Sean stick his ear to one of the toys and then quickly leave. He had also noticed Sean being followed by Rudolph. When he was not able to save Sean, Willie returned to the toy display to find Dallas there looking perplexed. She had received Sean’s note that told her to check out the toys by this company. Working together, the two agents were able to put the pieces together. After a “discussion” with the company representative, it was discovered that Eve LeDoer had contracted the company to create infant toys that played lullabies with a layer of subliminal messages hidden underneath. Children at that age were the most impressionable. It would be easy to create an army of anarchists before they even reached the age of two. No one suspected toys. It was the perfect plan. The problem with the prototype was that there was a faint tick every few minutes where the lullaby and the subliminal message were out of sync. That was to be fixed when manufacturing began.

Now that the case was solved and the toy company and Le Doer were turned over to international authorities, Dallas was free to look around and notice the bloody spot left on the floor by Willie’s broom. Never mind the bloody spot left by Rudolph mind you.

“You made a mess.”

“Yea, well. Somebody else can clean it up. I need a vacation.”

Hiejinx 18 years ago
Butterball in 2 minutes? LOL I've never even carved a turkey for Pete's sake. Cooked 'em drunk and made drunk turkey but I leave the carving to someone else =) Thanks, it was fun!
Seriously I almost voted for Tor after Sean went to the Infant and Toddler section since his bio said he had the perfect Gerber baby 'OH' on his face.
Verileah 18 years ago
*grins* thanks for a fun game
Tor 18 years ago
Thanks Rae!
Ashmore 18 years ago
great game!!! great story!!!


Since I am beating rabbit to posting here... I will say...
Blackrabbit 18 years ago
*grumbles at Ashmore*

Thanks for the game guys.