Roles and Clues

Had a power outage here while these were up, so one and two might have a few missing on mine but hopefully I have them all.


Zorgoz - Godfather
Mae - Mafia
Dia - Mafia
Integral_Prime - Mafia

Mike - SK

Jinheim - Doctor
Hiejinx - Sheriff

Rae's Clues

Round One: Mafia

Flash of green - It is about the color. Both Ellis and Krista had green in their bios.
Long pair of legs - Both Ellis and Krista’s characters were reasonable tall.
Fitness for duty/Strong candidate - Both Ellis and Krista had athletic builds
Multi-colored box - Krista has box cutter blades. The multi-colored was a hint to look at colors in the bios. John has a yellow and purple remote control truck.
Duck down - Krista’s gun looks like the gun from Duck hunt. Down is a short hint toward Claus.
The way James was shot - Mike hit on this perfectly. James was shot by Claus. The only way to shoot James and possibly not kill him when you were really trying.

Round two: SK

Normal and ordinary customers - Drawing attention to the fact that the SK is viewed as an outsider. Zowie’s bio says the government thought she was more useful as an outsider.

Tea - The urn was not the important clue. Tea in restaurants and coffee houses are typically made in larger metal urns in order to have enough to last a shift. Tea however comes from China, just like Zowie.

Lighter - Zowie’s bio references a lighter. Or more specifically what to do if you don’t have one.

“Nothing new or fresh ….” - This would be the exact opposite of Zowie’s gun which looks brand new.

Round Three: Mafia

“how many stars….so far away” - Claus has a bat that extends like a lightsaber. If I had said far far away it would have been too easy.

Small towel stand - Small. Claus.

Zowie started to feel odd - This was Krista and Ellis. Sure Claus had his belly lint but how was he going to get it onto Zowie’s donut when she had just come from the shop with it. The only way for her to be taken is by Krista or Ellis who had airborne toxins.

Unable to move - paralysis

Glancing down - short reference again.

Jewelry - Zowie mentions jewelry in her bio but so does Mae.

Round four: Mafia

Perfect jewelry - Ellis

Shot at first - At least one mafia has a gun

Antique - Krista

Windup toys /pitch forward - Baseball references for the baseball coach

Eyeglasses / black eye - Claus specifically mentions having one eye.

The colors green and black - Both colors are mentioned in Ellis’s bio

Metal duck on a tricycle - Three mafia left. Duck hunt gun.

“cut herself on the blade….” - hint towards Krista and her box cutter blades

Round Seven: Mafia

“No longer around to coach him” - Claus the baseball coach

Mental pep talk - coaches give pep talks

“Play this game on his own” - Claus teaches the game of baseball

Wonderland for the tiny - short reference

Sight references - for the one eyed godfathe

Mai's Clues

Sk Hit: Round One

Cloudy – Zowie has jade jewelry which is a cloudy green stone. Zowie is a translator who makes things clear between people
Interrupting – another nod to the speaking aspect of the SK
Relay the specifics – also something a translator does
She choked him by stuffing something in his mouth first – Pointing to her being a translator again. Shutting him up was her first goal.
The fact that Bond wasn't alarmed when she initially leaned over him points out that she did not seem very threatening looking to him – probably a woman

There was something with the boxes laying around him but for the life of me now I can't remember it. This initial one was rougher than later ones.

Mafia Hit: Round Two

labels on the sides were from all the different toy companies - The Mafia were from more than one country
sound of mixed voices – There were men and women on the mafia
“Do you think the old fool had time to alert anyone?” - Some Ellis Attitude
'boh-bay' and 'nah-bah' – Worry and Down, pointing towards something down low, or short that was dangerous. I'm glad people actually looked Furbish up. I wasn't sure anyone would
Fork Lift driver - Several mafia have vehicles mentioned in their bio. One as a remote control car salesman and the other got caught for hot wiring one.

Mafia Hit: Round Five

the adds he saw on a bulletin board – Cheesy clue that I didn't expect anyone to get but he -saw- the add on the bullet in board. Very vague reference to someone who has a gun/eye implant

Greek Restaurant – The name Ellis is Greek version of a Hebrew name.
Hot Dog and Sausage stand – The name Rudolph Claus is german in origin... course I suppose the sausage could have been Polish but I happen to eat a lot of German sausage so perhaps I'm biased.
the smells on the city were getting to him. - Smoke being one of the most common smells of the city
He didn't notice the person in the cab already because they were short
It seemed safe enough so why not? - He didn't really Claus as threatening
The cabby turned around and smiled at him. - Ellis is famous on SA for her smile
He was knocked out quickly - Ellis has jewelry to stun, fangs to knock out, and cigarettes to paralyse
They rowed him out into to sea and dumped him – Ellis has “watery” green eyes
Black's last name was mentioned only once at the end, along with good night – Claus described himself as having black skin, Ellis has black hair

Mafia Hit: Round Six

Looking over when her door opened – Over, not up
her darker brooding - Claus is dark
slight shrug – small reference
twinkle in daddy's eye - The correct term would have been “apple” of daddy's eye. Daddy – the godfather was the only one left.
The speech maker in her automatically corrected the idiom – pointing out that the previous statement is not what was somehow not correct and the correct idiom needed to be found. Also points out that the person was likely a foreigner who got the slang expression wrong.
She was shot – The killer had a gun and therefore was -not- Willie who didn't
corner of her eye - another eye reference