[PS CS+] Starfield Tutorial

Found this in a renderosity gallery description :

A quick tip for making stars with Photoshop CS

Choose a colour - a lighter shade of your main sky colour. Get a hard round
brush 5 pixels.
Opacity 100, flow 100
Brush tip shape settings: Hardness 100, Spacing 1000
Shape Dynamics settings: Size Jitter 100 - pen pressure
Scattering settings: Both Axes 775 - pen pressure, Count 1
Other dynamics settings: Opacity Jitter 45, Flow jitter 50, control for both- pen pressure
Save this brush for future use.
Create a new layer and draw your stars, apply a Gaussian blur 0.6.
If your sky is cloudy (like mine here) or you like to give depth to your starry sky:
Get the eraser tool - hard round brush 9 pixels, opacity 72% . Place the brush
over the star you want to look faded and do just one click. Repeat this to the next
star and so on. You can use a second 'click' too on few of them :-)