Can you write? Show me.

(this is from a myspace bulletin I just posted.)

Can you write? Show me.

Hello, my name is Meatwad and I'd like to talk to you abou- um, no, wait.

Most of you know me because you're on my friend's list. For most people,
the experience of knowing me has probably been a somewhat turbulent and
I hope ultimately interesting one. You're welcome.

Now, I'm an aspiring writer. I say aspiring because, well, writers write
every day, and I don't. I'm trying to setup a pattern in my life where I
will be forced to write on a more regular basis. To do this, I'm
intending to setup a free website that will offer short stories, poems,
and eventually longer, serial works to anyone who wants to read them.

The upsides to this are many, and the downsides are non-existant.
There's plenty of free web hosting out there, and writing is free, so
there's no cost involved. Once the site gets going and we get lots of
traffic, we can do some subtle advertising with google ads or something
similar (nothing annoying!) to pay for hosting, and eventually kick back
some cash to all the contributors.

If you can write (and if you can read, you can write) and would like to
get better at it, or maybe lend some of your expertise to others, let me
know. Show me some stuff you've done. A big bonus that comes with being
part of a community like this is peer editing. Lots of people that do
what you're doing will have an opportunity to read your work, and
hopefully learn something from you, as well as give some input back to
you. This is a growth opportunity as well as an opportunity for general
exposure for your writing.

It's all win-win. Show me what you've got. Don't worry about quality,
don't worry about quantity. Don't worry about whether or not you think
you suck. This is a free writing class. We will all get better at what
we want to do. Look at it this way: about 29 years ago I couldn't even
talk. Look at me now.


ROzbeans 17 years ago
HAHA, nice, Drae. What are you going to name the site?
Draegloth 17 years ago
I don't know yet.. I'm open to suggestions.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Vulash 17 years ago

Draegloth 17 years ago
So, I'm planning this to have more of a showcase of work feel than a CC feel like this board.. the writer's will have their own forum but only contributors will have access to it. doesn't fit in with that, and the angry ones just don't work for me...

I tried (I heard Kevin Smith say, "the writer crafts the perfect world") but it was taken. I tried, taken.

maybe literarydeviations... hmm.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
That's a little like but I like that one.
Draegloth 17 years ago
I went with, .net, and .org.

nothing there yet, but that's one step out of the way.
Draegloth 17 years ago
so, so far no one has sent me anything... I've had a couple of people say they're interested.

there's lots of stuff here.. some of you writers should get on board.

my current plan is to make this a sort of blog driven interface, where each work is introduced by the author in the blog entry, and the entry has a link to the whole piece. I'm going to be using wordpress, so all the rss feed stuff is already in place.. we can do email subscriptions, as well.

if anyone is serious about getting their stuff some exposure, this could be a good place to start.
Mileron 17 years ago
What's your policy on copyrights?

On writers - such as myself - who do nothing about it?

Or those who don't know anything that can be done for copyrighting their work outside of mailing a hard copy to themselves?

Entry protection? Will you have copy-prevention schemes in place, preventing people from just copy/pasting the items posted?
Draegloth 17 years ago
Anything you write is copyrighted when you write it. You actually don't have to mail anything to yourself. All contributors will own their own intellectual property.

I don't have an official policy, but I guess I'll have to come up with something. Realistically, there's no way to stop someone from copying something from a website and claiming it's their own work, but the site will be up and everything will be dated, so that'll serve as a record of the copyright.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
I'd participate for sure, Drae. You should definitely work on your FAQ's and copyright legalise stuff first. Who's designing your site?
Draegloth 17 years ago
hmm.. design.. well, I could use a good wordpress theme, but other than that there's not much too it.. some decent CSS is all I'll need, and I can do that. I'm thinking about making the articles available in .lit and .pdf format, in addition to straight html.. it's all pretty simple..

I'll have a forum, too, but it's just for the writers... probably just basic phpbb.

now, if the writers want custom artwork, well, that's a different story.. =)
ROzbeans 17 years ago
If you get donations, really VB is the way to go. So much more you can do with it than phpbb. Plus a legal vbulletin board gives you support, whereas free phpbb does not.
Draegloth 17 years ago
I'm not looking to do anything fancy with the forums...
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Not talking about fancy, it has more options controlling the mechanics of the board.
Draegloth 17 years ago
Ok, temporary site is up at

As soon as I get some free web hosting setup, I'll have a forum up and things can get rolling. For now, people can submit things at the email address listed on the page.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
So how's helping you so far? Got a staff built up?
Draegloth 17 years ago
No help.. don't need any at this point.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
The site looks cool so far, drae. =)
Maelgrim 17 years ago
To do this, I setup website.

Awkward phrasing I think.