Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes

Kevin Smith is telling the whole story about Jay's drug problems here:

Here's an excerpt:

Born the son of a heroin abuser, Mewes spent most of his childhood raised by an aunt while his Mother fed her jones or spent years in jail. She wasn’t above stealing credit cards from neighborhood mailboxes, which resulted in the only Christmas gift of his childhood Jason recalls receiving from his mother: a new bike. The bike came in handy when, during a brief period of her smack-addled fifty years, his Mom operated as a drug dealer, using an oblivious nine year old Jason as a bag-man who delivered drugs to locals his Mother didn’t trust enough to deal with herself.

It's long, but it's a good read. It's up to six parts and it's not done yet.

Kevin sure likes the cliffhangers...

Temprah 18 years ago
this guy is just awesome.. there was a show on a while back, recordings of him speaking at various universities and I just loved him. He's funny, witty and seems like a really cool guy.
Draegloth 18 years ago
An Evening With Kevin Smith.

Very funny, yes. You can buy a signed copy from the View Askew website.
Mylec 18 years ago
Wow. I just read the whole thing up to and including today's part. I knew he was into drugs, but I had no idea he was a complete junkie like that. Its sad when someone with so much talent pisses it away and has nothing to show for it.