This is the best thing to happen to an MMO ever.

Thursday, 6 April 2006, 5:15pm:

New Expansion Details, New "Progression" server opening.

Wow, do I have some interesting news. I droned on a lot this morning so I'll cut into some of the more interesting stuff right away.

There will soon be a "not a classic server" server. This server will begin with only the original game unlocked at first. As groups or guilds defeat certain triggered encounters, new expansions will become unlocked. It will be a no-transfer server so everyone is starting off at the beginning of the game. All the new non-expansion features will be there like chat channels, LFG, and new UIs, but features such as Plane of Knowledge won't be active until that expansion is unlocked. All of those who have screamed on the forums for months about a "classic server" will now get their chance to put their money where their mouth is. It sounds pretty interesting and SOE is expecting it to be popular. With some core features removed that we take for granted these days like the Guild Lobby, Nexus, Knowledge, Bazaar, and LDON Magi, it will be interesting to see how much old-world people are willing to take.

I will be playing on this server when it open; its about time they do this.

ROzbeans 18 years ago
I heard about this. You have to literally start from the beginning. Interesting.
Eve 18 years ago
That might actually be worth it. I've tried like 2 or 3 times now to go back to EQ, I have it active right now. I just *can't* get into it tho, not knowing what's going on, where I should go to hunt, that kinda thing. I end up sitting on my ass chatting and I can do that for free lol. So just maybe a clean slate not just for me but everyone on that server will help bring back some of that old feeling.
Mileron 18 years ago
As interesting as it would be to see Norrath grow again, I couldn't do it. I put in my 65+36+63+30+63+35+55+...

An assload of levels that I don't want to do again. NOT TO MENTION! I'd absotively have to play a Bard, but I couldn't, because the pain of twisting drove me to tears a few times towards the end.

Good luck, Sony. Byie.
Temprah 18 years ago
*cough* /melody *cough*
Temprah 18 years ago
oh and... ohmygawdyes! I **LOVE** this idea.. and of course we've just started playing DDO, which I really like, and cancelled the EQ subs so we'd have to pick one or the other *sigh* But I could have fun being a bard again and offering taxi service across the karanas and such.. damn this has me all excited.. except there will be some hard core gamer asses who will blow through the content and open shit up too fast and ruin it for us i bet... i'm so confuzed now...
Keriath 18 years ago
Depending on when this goes live i will play. if i am back stateside for when it starts i would gladly start over again. I think it will be very intresting to say the least.
Xandare 18 years ago
like I told temp, within the first month the power gamers / hardcore types will have the first expansions unlocked and inside 3 months it will be the same as all the other servers with all the content unlocked.
Wasidun 18 years ago
I think it'll take 6, but ya.
Mylec 18 years ago
I like the idea, but this is basically the reason I am looking forward to Vanguard coming out. They claim that it will be more like EQ in the beginning where everything isnt freakin handed to you. As much as it intrigues me to play on that server with you Anu, I just got my frog posse into the 50's and epic'd. I dont think I'm ready to start over again lol.

It would be funny though to see people who only recently got into EQ play it from the beginning. Where you wont see a magic item until you are in your high 20's or early 30's and your plat is worthless cause people only want to trade magic items for magic items.
Mileron 18 years ago
*cough* /melody *cough*

What's /melody?
Temprah 18 years ago
it's a cool new command they added.. you set up a social key that says.. oh lord let me see if i remember.. it's /melody then the # for spell gems (I usually did 4 songs in mine) and you can set up your twists.. it auto does it for you until you have a fizzle. then you just type the social key again and it starts over. there is no lag in between songs, as soon as one is done the next is popping up. it's freakin sweet!! I would have to take couple day breaks from playing Temp when my hands would be too cramped from twisting often.. this eliminates that. Of course it was added in while we weren't playing any more and so half the time I forget about it LOL. Or I did when we played EQ again for this last bit.
Mileron 18 years ago
Ahh, that might explain why I don't know anything about it. I stopped playing EQ in early 2004, just as GoD came out. GoD? That sounds right, the one after the one after PoP.

But if my song misses a note, I don't want to restart the whole thing, I want to pick back up where it was... which would lead to more twisting. Newp.
Mylec 18 years ago
After over 5 years of carpal tunnel syndrome playing a bard, right before /melody came along, I starting messing around with MQ. They had an even better command called /twist. It was better because if you got interupted during a twist, it would immediately restart itself on the song that got interupted. With /melody, if you get interupted your twist ends. You then have to manually restart your /melody macro, which starts with the first song in your twist again. /twist was much more painless lol. Of course, you can get banned for MQ so I dont suggest going out and getting it =D
Vebran 18 years ago
like I told temp, within the first month the power gamers / hardcore types will have the first expansions unlocked and inside 3 months it will be the same as all the other servers with all the content unlocked.

I wouldn't be so sure about that. From what I've read around is that they won't return most of the changed zones (Cazic Thule, Veehsan's Peak, etc) and that will cause a good block for some progression.

In addition I can see the Ssra-Vex Thal progression taking some time. I know that I would not want to go through that boredom again.
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Oh oh! Remember that one time I overbid and went negative on some cloak I think down in Vexthal? You'd think I raped baby jesus or something. Good times.
Mylec 18 years ago
I raped baby jesus or something.

That's what I heard =(
Sergon 18 years ago
Yea he was mad at you Roz. I swear! I talk to him daily.

ROzbeans 18 years ago
That was totally an accident!!! I raided hardcore to get the -45 or whatever points back asap too. That's when everyone hated me openly though lol. Before I started doing free sigs.
Mylec 18 years ago
You were pretty good at throwing the hate around yourself, back then

And WTF, FREE SIGS??? I had to pay you with hours of cyber for mine!!!
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Sometimes I miss eq =D That was you? I thought that was Rainee playing your!!!