The Stand Book Discussion and Mafia Game.

The Stand Book Discussion and Mafia Game

Our next mafia game will be based on The Stand universe and we thought it would make for more fun and excitement if we hosted a book discussion before the game, so people can learn about the setting in a fun group environment. This is something that happened spontaneously in the Blade Runner game, to (I think) great success, and it seemed worth trying again.

I personally will be reading from the Expanded Edition, though you are certainly welcome to read whichever edition suits you (the expanded edition has something like 400 extra pages). Whether you’ve already read the book, seen the miniseries (Rob Lowe <3), or are reading for the first time, you’re quite welcome to share your thoughts.

As always, you wouldn't -have- to read the book to play Mafia. It would just be helpful in discerning the 'flair' from the clues I suppose. I would even be willing to post summaries and whatnot. Likewise, you are welcome to join in the discussion even if you have no intention of playing mafia. The general idea is just that we start with a progressive discussion of the book, maybe even talking about things that would be cool to have in the game and character inspirations, and then play .

We'll start a thread in the book discussions area soon and we can get rolling on this .

ROzbeans 17 years ago
I'm in!
Draegloth 17 years ago
too much ass rape in the extended edition.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Ack, really? I read the first version. =x
Verileah 17 years ago
I forgot about that :X. That part was pretty squicky and also not terribly important to the overall story; I can dig up that part an' let anyone who just wants to skip those pages know where it is in the book.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
It's female raping I object to...male rape satisfies the liberal feminist in me =D
Verileah 17 years ago
O_o Well in any case!

The chapter of concern is 48. It's all divided up with little ---- marks, so if you want to skip the squicky part it's from when the guys get to the motel to the next break.

As for what the extended (or 'complete and uncut') version has that the original does not...I won't remember everything but here's a quick and dirty:

Trashcan Man's journey to Las Vegas is greatly expanded upon. I found this to be the scariest part of the book, just as an aside, though Larry in the Lincoln tunnel ranks up there .

There's more Frannie; I believe more journal entries, as well as more about her life prior to the flu.

Oh! I forgot...there is a great deal more on the characters of Susan Stern and Dana...I forget her last name. This is another patch that may make some readers uncomfortable.

I believe there is more on Harold as a result of hearing more about Fran.

Umm...I think there's more on Larry's life before the flu.

That's all I can think of at the moment; basicially the extended version is giving you more characterization and a few more events. Some of it -is- pretty rough (I'll have to re read the part with Dana and Susan because I don't remember just how bad it was) but overall I felt the extended added to the story I am such a fan of .
Den 17 years ago
Well if there's all that much more in it, I guess I'll have to go out and get it and reread. I think it's been like...twenty years since I read it the first time...I think sufficient time has passed.