AD&D Question 3rd edition

The Complete Divine Handbook has a class in it called the Favored Soul. I was going to buy a copy of it at Barnes adn Nobles today but the only one they had in stock had cover damage so while waiting for them to order a new copy I was wondering if anyone here had the book. If so I am looking for someone who will upload the Favored Soul statistics to me either here or at [email][/email] If you have a scanner just stick the book on it, scan and email the pics if you're feeling lazy.

I googled and searched the web but couldn't find the statistics anywhere and I'd like to have the info before this Friday so if anyone can help out I'd certainly appreciate it.

Mylec 17 years ago
Who loves ya, baby?

BTW, if you go to and look at books for sale, it lets you see the first so many pages of the book. Fortunately, Favored Souls started on page 6! =D

And not all pics may load right away, my web server is ghey. If you get a red x just right click and do a show picture to make it load manually.
Grimknot 17 years ago
That's awesome Mylec. Thank you for taking the time to put that up.