Spring Awakens ^^

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Now for a little explanation!

Sanae is a Undead Warlock, so her Spring Awakening has started with a visit from a Spirit of Spring - a small flower-bedecked butterfly like spirit - and has, with its warmth and magic- begun to warm and brighten her heart.

Merry Spring!

(Many references referenced for individual flowers and wing shapes!)

ROzbeans 18 years ago
I saw this over there! Wow what a huge transformation from the sketch, Starry. It's like, funky watercolors. Very different look from your older stuff but it's an interesting direction you're going in. I'm not usually a fan of the style but this came out very unique and I bet she squealed to death lol.
Temprah 18 years ago
I saw this and was very impressed, I didn't even snap it was you who had made it! I love how rich it looks, very nice =)
Adiene 18 years ago
man i been meaning to post but by the time i get done reading other stuff i forget to swing by *sigh*
This really came out great I can see the difference and your pratices certianly have made a difference in your works, Each one gets better and better. I really love the butterfly its funky cool I love it!