Summer Said Hello Last Night - a poem

Summer loudly said hello just last night
In a wondrous display of sound and light
The rain was wet, the thunder very loud
as lightning flashed from cloud to cloud

Or, as was the case, from cloud to ground
Closing the windows didn't shut out the sound
When thunder crashed, it rocked the house
I heard a family member squeak like a mouse

In fear, she did, at nature's unbridled wrath
Even as I walked barefoot across the path
To check to see if the car windows were closed
"Did we shut the cars?" It seems no one knows

Luckily they were; there was no rain on the seat
Wouldn't that be a wonderful early morning treat?
Start it, put it in gear, foot on the gas
Complain on the way about a soaking wet ass

Stood in the wind, out of the north - wet and cool
"Don't get hit by lightning, don't be a fool!"
Grabbed iron railing, just as lightning zapped
My joke scared someone; I almost got slapped!

The rain was misty, and then ground-pounding hard
Barefoot I stood in the muddy and floody side yard
Tickled by "drizzle" and summer's clean wet scent
Back in the house, "It seems outside you went?"

Dripping wet, wrapped myself in a towel
when we heard the sound trademarked in vowels
Sirens screamed "awwwoooo" as they raced by at speed
To the location of someone with emergency need

Into a car jumped my brother and his friend
"We'll follow the fire trucks to the very end!"
They came back soon, the incident small
With the lightning and rain, it wouldn't be all

All through the hours, they battled all night
Thunder and lightning versus sirens and lights
Left my window open, bed now damp, felt like a fool
But when sleep came to me, the air was still cool

Rain and thunder, with lightning storm showers
It came and went, over the course of some hours
Nature's beauty evoked moments of glee and fright
as Summer said a loud hello, just last night.

Den 17 years ago
I love summer electrical storms...*sigh* - now I feel like I actually just went through one