CPU Issues

Hopefully someone can help me with my issues.

It started about 2 weeks ago:
Computer would constantly tell me the internet cable had become disconnected (this happened like every 3 to 5 minutes). A week later it stopped connecting to the internet all together. ** Internet connected through a router, my second CPU did not have this issue**. I disconnect the router and connect directly to the modem, it seemed to work fine until Monday. Now when ever I run everquest when I log off it says I have lost connectivity and I have to reregistier my Norton anti virus again. It's a pop up menu and I think it's been there the whole time I have been playing.

Any help would be greatly apperciated.


Sergon 17 years ago
Its probably that norton program to begin with. Its not important that you leave it active all the time. Just run it a couple of times a month. Disable it.

Other things

make sure you have adaware se run that about 2 times a month. After that it could be the network card going bad. You can try a replacement. PCI network cardas are cheap and easy to install.

Mileron 17 years ago
Also make sure your computer's not overheating. Using a vacuum, or a can of compressed air (purchasable at Home Depot, any computer or office supply store) blow out any dust. This is best done outside.
carpex 17 years ago
Check with the basics and try shit like the cable. Make sure your cat or dog or whatever you may have didn't find a chew toy or trip over the wire and mess the end of a bit.
Mileron 17 years ago
If that were the case, it would display the same problems when connected directly to the modem, assuming he used the same cable.
Meddiki 17 years ago
Thanks for the input!
Tonight I will open up the case and clean it out and see if that helps. Also I did use the same cable and the alert, telling me the cable has become disconnect did go away. With the Nortons I always disable the firewall when ever I play EQ or other internet games.

A little history on this problem, about 2 months ago the same thing happened and I reformatted and it went away for awhile. My wife loaded Limewire on the CPU could I have gotten some form of connectivty virus from there?

Thanks again I apperciate the input!!!