Mod Announcements

A note from your friendly Stand Mafia Mods! All modly announcements will be posted in this thread (such as schedule notes and reminders on SKIDs and rules).

Your Mods
First of all, your mods for this game will be Verileah and Mai; please feel free to PM them with any questions or concerns. Also, you should PM –both- Verileah and Mai if you have a SKID to turn in (if you don’t know what a SKID is, you need to read the FAQ *nods*).

The Schedule
Signups will close at Midnight on February 28th. Roles will be sent out after closing, and the first kill (the combination mafia/serial killer hit) will be posted the following morning, the 1st of March. We will play on a two real life days = 1 game day schedule, meaning there will be voting every other day. SKIDs are due after voting is closed. You are permitted to SKID early but it is advisable to send in a backup as voting can take unpredictable turns. SKIDs will be responded to only after all parties have turned in – for the sheriff SKID we reply to this as soon as possible (after receiving all turn ins) but we do, on occasion, sleep.

Note – The dates are still tentative; we’ll have to see how signups go.

Natural Causes
Death by natural causes is done at the moderator’s discretion. Contact the mods if you know ahead of time that you will be absent for longer than two voting rounds.

The Stand Universe
For those of you new to the mafia game, here at TAC we play in a variety of different fictional worlds. This time, we are playing in Stephen King’s The Stand universe. If you have read the book or seen the miniseries this should be fairly straight forward for you.

If you are not familiar with The Stand, it is, fortunately, still a fairly straight forward scenario. An accident at a US Military Facility somewhere in the California desert leads to an experimental ‘super flu’ virus’s release. Said super flu kills most of the population off. The remainder of the book deals with what happens to the survivors. There is, of course, a twist; these aforementioned survivors begin having dreams, and upon gathering and discussing they discover some shocking similarities. It seems these dreams are coming from two individuals – one, called the Dark Man, or Randall Flagg, is clearly a force of great evil. He is urging people to join him in Las Vegas. The second, an elderly woman named Abigale Freemantle, is obviously a force of good. She is urging people to join her at her home in Nebraska, but later in the story she and her followers regroup in Boulder Colorado. From their respective locations, the final survivors make their last stand in the greater conflict of good versus evil.

If you want to go more in depth than that, we're having a discussion on The Stand in the book club section of the board, so feel free to grab the book and join in.

In this mafia game, the storyline will focus mainly on a group of survivors (played by you with a couple of mod characters thrown in to keep things moving) and their journey from Seattle, Washington.

Mafia Role Playing
In our experience people either really enjoy role playing their characters or they would prefer not to and simply play the ‘mafia’ element of the game (which is certainly satisfying in and of itself. That being the case, we will not require you to act ‘in character’ beyond your initial character creation, but we will offer many opportunities to role play if that is your wish. In addition to the kill scenes that will be posted daily, the mods will also post in character threads that anyone is welcome to join in. You’ll see more on that when the game begins.

And…that’s it from us, any questions?

Verileah 17 years ago
Alrighty, roles have been sent out. If you signed up (and posted a completed bio by the due date) and did not receive a role, please PM Mai and/or Verileah.

So, to go over a few things...

SKIDS should always be sent to BOTH Mai and Verileah.

Have I mentioned that communication from the mods (like, say, your role PM) is for your eyes only, and sharing said communication is cheating? I have? Good!

You -must- vote to stay in the game. Plus it's just more fun when you get involved as much as possible. So start the underhanded wheeling and dealing!

The first vote will take place on FRIDAY, March 2, and will end at 11:00 PM EST. Yes, this is earlier than in previous games. I take full blame for this. I get tired. I am tired now. So...yeah.