Smashed Cauliflower

This is one of those recipes that I based of something I never tasted. But damn its good.

Smashed Cauliflower
1lb Cauliflower (Frozen bag or good sized head fresh)
8oz Cream Cheese
8oz Mozzarella Cheese

Steam the cauliflower until a fork can easily smush into a florette. Drain off all the water. Over low heat add in the small diced cheese, cream cheese and spices. Smash with a potato masher. Remove from heat once the cheese squares melt. Serve as a very unhealthy veggie side!

I do this with Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese and Soy Kaas Moz, but you can use the cow versions. I dont measure spices. I sprinkle, taste and adjust from there. Enjoy!

Verileah 17 years ago
I like smashed cauliflower! They serve it at the Pizza Uno I think. Cream Cheese in it sounds interesting though I think maybe the vegan version might be even tastier.

Thanks for sharing
Den 17 years ago
This does sound yummy...need to try it soon! Thanks, Cali.
Sarah 17 years ago
I do this instead of mashed potatoes in my house. I trick the munchkins by using shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream and butter in them to make them taste like mashed potatoes. When it is just for the hubby and I, I don't put anything but a little butter and salt and pepper since that is just a tad healthier.

You can also add purreed cauliflour to just about anything with out altering the taste. It is a great way to sneak in added veggie punch to tomato sauces, chilis, soups, stews, crock pot dinners, white sauces (like alfredo) and andything else you can stir it into.
Den 17 years ago
Careful though...sometimes cauliflower can cause gas