Miami vice

thought it was gonna be kinda cheesy but it was really good!!!.. you see boobies and hawt colin farrel too /drool!!!

ROzbeans 17 years ago
I kept looking at Colin Farrell and thinking - dirty irishman. In any case, he grows on you and the ending is especially good. It was just kind of...slow really. Jamie Foxx was kick ass and hilarious. The violence was 10/10. They managed to do some seriously fucked up bullet wounds. I was really impressed.

Overall - 7/10 but only because it was slow in a few parts.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, a group of guys came walking out of the movie theatre at the end while we were standing talking to some people and they were dressed up in total miami vice pink. One guy had a glam rock wig on though, that didn't make sense, but it was neat seeing people get into the whole throw back memory lane dealio.

Except I don't think any of them were out of diapers when Miami Vice was actually running.