new sig

i'll prolly go back and play with it..
but i like it so far

ROzbeans 17 years ago
Oooh, beautiful poser gurl! You might want to reconsidering how you have the font set up. It's good to use different fonts for the name so it stands out against the title/guild - but, personal preference only, I think you have too many different fonts there. Also your type setting isn't really balanced. You have all that negative space in the middle. Typically with sigs I try and center the name and then use a smaller font size for the rest. I try and keep things going horizontally instead of vertically like how you have it there.

Considering making the sig longer instead of higher. Make her name larger and then try using the font that you used for ROV and make the rest that font. Balance it under her name, center her name. I think that might give it more balance.

Again, gorgeous girl. Love her hair, her face and her outfit!