Anyone know about this process? .. I remember helping my grandparents doing stuff like tomatoes, beans, etc back in the day ... I guess I should have paid more attention lol

Here is what I am wanting to do:
My mother worships my lasagne. Everytime I go home for visit I always have to make two so she can freeze one to eat at a later time. She usually saves it for something special or whatever. This last time I was there I made them however, she invited a couple people over she had been wanting me to meet and well they had like 3 or 4 helpings each so she ended up with nothing to freeze
I wanted to cook up some sauce with the pork and everything in it so all she needs to do is layer it and bake it, and send her a big home-made sauce, recipe book for all the stuffs she likes that I made for christmas or something.With like cute little labels that said something with my name etc on it .. (dont know about them yet either?.. they make big ass label sheets for that? lol ).
Now, .. how do I go about getting it into the jar so it doesn't go bad? lol

Wasidun 17 years ago
There are various pots that you can buy that are canners. Other than that all that you need are cans, and the 2 part lids that you can with.

You just put the can in the pot full of boiling water for a xx amount of time (depends on the pot) and then it's ready to go. The only advice I can give is that you buy one of those can grabbers that way you don't have to burn you're hand by sticking a towel in hot water.
Sarah 17 years ago
I used to help my grandmother, but I don't remember the process

This site... seemed to have a lot of really useful information.

As did this one...

Good luck sweety!
Den 17 years ago
Yea, my grandma just put mason jars with stuff in them, into pots of boiling water, until the lids created vacuums and stuck to the tops of the jars. Then she put the metal rings around the tops and screwed them on.

Seems like some things she also poured paraffin on...jams, etc...but I can't say I remember why though :S Of all the things I've tried in my life time, for whatever reason canning always seemed like a lot more trouble to me, but I can understand why you'd like to know how for your sauce.
Adiene 17 years ago
Sweet thanks guys
barce 17 years ago
The trick to canning and "creating the seal" on Mason Jars is:

1) The mason Jars have to be hot.. this is not to create a "seal" but it is rather to make sure all of the jar is Steril.

2) put the lids (ie the flat tops with Rubber on the underside) in another dish with hot/boiling water to make sure the rubber is hot.

3) when you poor the "sauce" in the jar it has to be hot. Then make sure the rim of the jar is clean of everything. Immediatly grab a lid out of the boiling water and stick it on the jar and screw the rim down onto the jar.

What will happen as the jars cool is the air and water in the jar will create a vacuum hence sealing the jar. If you put the XYZ food in and it is cool it will not seal properly.
When your done the best way to check to see if it has correctly sealed is to push on top of the lid.. If it makes a popping sound..then you will get this message: "you have failed at canning, however you have gained experience." Just rinse and try again..

Parifin is generally only used on "baked jams" so I dont know if i would go down that road.
Adiene 17 years ago
LOL thanks! I remember doing all this now hehe Its just been years
I don't know if I will be able to do this after all lol just reading this brings back memories of doing this stuff with my grandparents .. I get all teary eyed i miss my grandpa so much *sniffles*