Wordpress Theme Question

Hey kids! Long time no post! Roz told me to come ask my Qs here because you're all a bunch of smarty pants.

I just switched to Wordpress for my personal site and found a really stunning theme that I love called OrangeSky.


I also found a modded version of the theme for Coppermine:


1st question:
I'm still learning how to use Wordpress, so this may be a simple answer, I've just not figured it out yet. With this theme, when I create a new page, it adds a new dark orange tab to the top ... Artist, Design, Gallery, Links, Services. What I want to do is have one of those tabs link to my coppermine gallery instead of a custom Wordpress Page. I can stick a link in on the side bar, but I like the tabs and would like to use them.

2nd Question:
The tabs/pages sort themselves alphabetically by the name of the page instead of the page ID #. Any way I can change this or get around it? I'd also like to get a custom tab up there that takes you back to the home page (http://www.inkymouse.com/ink/). Right now, the only way back is to click on the name of the site, inkymouse.com. It feels akward for there not to be a home tab, plus I've added one to the coppermine gallery so having one on all the Wordpress pages would keep the design consistent throughout.

Last question!
When you're on the WP home page (http://www.inkymouse.com/ink/) you can see the Links on the side bar ... The Angry Crayong, Studio MMO, etc. You don't see these on the sidebar of any other pages, though. Is there a fix for that?

I'd love any general feedback about the site, too. I really haven't done much customizing beyond the pages, though, so I'm not sure there is much beyond the theme itself to offer feedback on, lol.


Vex 17 years ago
the 3rd is just a matter of adding the get_sidebar() or some odd code to the pages that are lacking it.

#2a may be something to do with your settings on Wordpress, otherwise its hardcoded into the theme, check your preferences.

#2b , #1 ... unless wordpress has added the option to include a redirect as a page, you would probably need to edit the source code to include one. Probably header.php or something like that.
Just Erin 17 years ago
Awesome. Thanks! I'll try to figure it out.

Another question. I'm putting together a wordpress page for a friend as well and I'm trying out a couple of gallery plugins, but the sidebar is in the wrong place. I've tried moving it around in the code but it never seems to come out right.

Here is the page, notice how the sidebar is below the gallery, when it should be to the right:


Vex 17 years ago
you need to drop the <*?
i'll look at it when i get back, got a meeting to attend.
Vex 17 years ago
ok, where is the theme showing what its supposed to look like ?
Just Erin 17 years ago
Thanks for your help, Kat. I appreciate it.

http://www.pencil-envy.com/site/ That's the main page of the site. I assume that the gallery should go on the left where articles usually go, and the sidebar on the right.
Vex 17 years ago
ok, i can hear the screams of blasphemy from here, but.. unless you're real adept with CSS and positioning and floating and cross-browser compatibility, just use tables.

its a sureshot way of keeping things aligned in all browsers.

you know what i mean ?
Just Erin 17 years ago
Well, I've not actually coded anything myself. I just installed WP, installed the theme, then installed the gallery plugin.

It must have something to do with the theme, because I installed the same plugin on the WP site I just built for my sister, and it's displaying correctly with the sidebar and such:

Vex 17 years ago
yeah its the theme. you just have to go in and doctor the code on the gallery page on yours.