Beam Me Up - Questions for your person

If anyone should have any requests or questions for their person, please PM them to me here and I'll post them here - as well as PM them with the question. Everyone should please make sure they have their character reference pictures updated on their thread as well.

Thanks and HAVE FUN!

Verileah 16 years ago
This is a general question, not sure if it should go here...

Anyone up for CCing who -isn't- signed up for the exchange?
ROzbeans 16 years ago
I can c/c if you like, Veri.
ROzbeans 16 years ago
Rainfeatherpearl - a question from your person!!!

I have a question for rainfeatherpearl.

What desk size resolution does she use and does she have a preferred sig size? Such as large or small sigs?

thankie thankie =)
RainfeatherPearl 16 years ago
1024X768 is what i usually prefer but let them creative juices flow, don't worry about the size so long as i don't have to put on my glasses, i'd be peach
ROzbeans 16 years ago

Hey, Roz, can you ask Dark if he could post a character reference pic if possible? I didn't see it in the original thread... don't guess I missed it somewheres?
DarkStorm 16 years ago
I have no actual reference pic but I see my character as being one most like Capt Malcom Reynolds (Mal) from the sci fi show firefly and movie serenity....I have provided a link to a bio and pic on Mal....he is a rough guy, kinda backstabbing and thinks of himself first and others later....My Character here, Geddy is an relatively same kinda guy....Except longer hair than Mal...*L*
Link to The show
Link to pics of Mal
ROzbeans 16 years ago

You have Ginne from SA linked, but technically we're not doing anything fanciful so vampires wouldn't quite count. Did you want your person to use her as just a straight human or wing it? Or if that didn't make sense:

I'm wondering if I should ask Ginnie regarding her character history
think you could post a "Did you want to put in a sci fi history for Ginnie or shall I just wing that portion?" on the questions thread for Kaytana?
Sarah 16 years ago
Staight human. I wrote up a little blurb, but I can't find it. I thought I posted, but it didn't show up. Basicly it said she is a human munitions expert on Earth Prime, who served in the armed forces before the Exodus and now sells her services to the highest bidder.