Movie game thingy

they are all "dark" movie titles i knew 40 of them last 10 drove me ullhair

Den 17 years ago
WOW! Cool game. I haven't answered that many yet, but will try to finish later...can't wait to see how well I do...or don't lol
Rikr 17 years ago
im at 30...all the bottom ones are giving me a problem. I shall continue....
FyreGarnett 17 years ago
i can't believe i actually figured out 27 of these - so far. there are few that i know i should know, i just can;'t place.

and I don't even LIKE horror movies!
Den 17 years ago
I got 42...then gave up.
Here are the ones I didn't get
Maeya 17 years ago
Still working on this... but the one with the zeros is "The Omen"
Onimi 17 years ago
omg i got confused lol
Den 17 years ago
I think I eventually got all but one. Thanks for the pm Crikett. I posted this on another board, and they helped a lot too It was fun!
Maeya 17 years ago
Which one?
Den 17 years ago
me? lol - I don't know...all I know is I got 49 out of 50...and can't find where the last one even is.
Maeya 17 years ago
Is it the one up in the mountain, or the steps, or the cave in the bottom right hand corner? Those were the ones I didn't find right away.
Maeya 17 years ago
I have 47. I need the green M&M, the guy with the telescope, and the grim reaper guy. If anyone knows these and wants to PM me, I'd be eternally grateful.

I'm stumped.
Prosecution 17 years ago
Hint on the telescope guy: Think Hitchcock
Prosecution 17 years ago
I am struggling at 43/50. I have left death, the two guys on the stairs, the green M&M, The nun with the water (probably obivious but not getting it), the mountain, the lady with the two children, and I can't find the other one I am missing... yet.
Den 17 years ago
The lady with the two children is a .....
The mountain is made up of two .... .....
The guys on the stairs appear to be holding a ......
The green M&M is wearing .... ......
The nun with the barrel is carrying .... .....
The spectre of death is in the .... ....
Prosecution 17 years ago
Got them. 50/50. The one that took me the longest to find was the steps. But once I figured out what it was, it was easy. yeah and the death one threw me for a loop for a while.