Thank you to Roz from the wenches!

Well, my wenches participating in this exchange got this wild idea for thanking Roz for running the show. How do we show Roz how much she means to us? We plotted and we planned, and decided that since Roz just -loves- fairies -soooooo- much, we would all make a special fairy for her to mark the occassion! We just know she's gonna love them to pieces! (And we mean that quite literally. Don't hurt us too bad Roz cuz we really do love you!)

Click me!

Just remember Roz, we loooooves you! *runs away!*

Vex 16 years ago

Adiene 16 years ago
MAwhahaha!!!! <3 teh Roz!!!

ROzbeans 16 years ago
Fuckers...LOL THOSE ARE SO CUTE! GAH! Did I say that out loud??? /chokes and dies Honestly thank you guys, this is too friggin adorable. Yer mah gurls.

Sangre 16 years ago
*runs in panting* I have one for you, too - I do and here it is. I got the note late but I did not forget. I hope you like it
RainfeatherPearl 16 years ago
ah, someone told me somebody loves fairies oh so much so here is a fae for the lovely roz...just cuz we loves you soooooooo much!!!!arty1

RainfeatherPearl 16 years ago
lol i so hope my fairy is sooooo sickly sweet that you just won't be able to stand it and you'll play "she loves me, she loves me not" with her wings roflmao! when's the next exchange?
ROzbeans 16 years ago
Aww, wow those are beautiful!! /sniff I'll pluck their wings lovingly, I swear!!!! You guys are great, thank you so much. =)

As for the next exchange, it'll probably be the xmas secret santa one.
Trakhina 16 years ago
If I had known of this fairy coalition, I'd of tried my hand out in it. *snickers* Thanks for the exchange. I had fun!