Mafia on another board...

...yeah, I'm cheating on TAC :X. Some of you might have met a few of the players - Pooka has played in several games, Patrick, one of my comods, played Haunted Mansion, I think Nathan played Haunted Mansion...anyway, they're all nice folks and this is sure to be a fun game. The atmosphere is a little different and the game will be much more oriented around the 'clues and mind fucking' element of the game. The RP element is, as always, what you make of it, but I'd imagine there would be less IC stuff happening. On the whole it'll be pretty relaxed and fun, and we still hope to bust out an interesting (if slightly silly) story.

In any case, if you're looking to get a mafia fix you might want to check it out .

Verileah 16 years ago
Well we've got Roz signed up and Mai and Vulash have both given their word of honor. Still looking for a few more though, would love to have you (yes, you) sign up.
pry 16 years ago
go to and the puzzles and other games board. They have amazing games (werewolf) including turbos which go a few hours, standard one day per real day games, and amazing intricate long theme based games.