So my son takes meds that supress his appetite so I always send snacks to his school. They informed me I can not send trail mix anymore cause they have the no peanut rule. I started sending fruit snacks... nope they are not allowed (nor is the "fruit leathers"). I send the Cheese and crackers ... Nope they also are NOT allowed in his school. OK now I am getting irritated but I buy fruit cups, oh hell no they called nope cant send them because the kids tend to dump them and make a mess. So I can't send fruit snacks, cheese and crackers, or fruit cups, what gives. I ask for an approved list of foods for snack. They want me to send fruit's but not the ones in the little cups, sliced cheese, but not in the package with the crackers, or yogurt, but none of the drinkable kinds has to be the kind that he can eat with a spoon. I then think, isnt that just as likely to spill and make a mess? I realize that it is thicker than the juice but still. I am horrible at remembering to throw a snack into his backpack daily so I would go to Sams Club and but the huge box of whatever it was and send it to the school. With doing that I can not send yogurt or fresh fruit, anyone got and good suggestions?

Den 17 years ago
A new school, perhaps? I've never heard of such ridiculous restrictions.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Ask them to take their heads out of their asses and fucking FIGURE OUT what you can send. Your child's well fare is in question, so they better suck it up.
Crikett 17 years ago
Nope not a new school but yeah I lost my mind on them over this once already and got a Doctor note because they said Jordan can not have snack at all. They changed real fast when the Dr threatened them. I just don't get how they can be so stupid about it. I am gonna just be super bitch mom and send quartered oranges or better yet nmot even peel them that will surely piss them off. After all it is fresh fruit
Temprah 17 years ago
just send what you want, it's YOUR kid. No one should be allowed to tell you what you can feed him. Threaten a lawsuit or something. Just be a raving bitch and refuse to back down. GOD that is the only reason I ever wanted kids, to make teachers/principals lives a living hell *dreamysigh*
Calimaryn 17 years ago
Honestly those restrictions sound like standard for a whole class snack not just your little one's food.

Peanut dust can kill those allerigic so it makes sense that you dont send that.
Messy things will take up the teachers time so yeah, kinda makes sense if your boy has to eat it in class.

For me, I would probably put in dried fruit in small tupperware / baggies. Apples, pears, strawberry, banana or berries are all good and easy to buy or make. Carrot sticks or stuffed celery sticks. Smush the later two together so they dont make a complete mess and put in waxed paper or foil.

Sandwich minis. Jelly, whole wheat bread and if you can find it Golden Pea Butter which tastes like peanut butter mixed with honey but is made from peas. Cut with cookie cutter. Fun and cute!

Granola bars. If you are looking to shove nutrition into him, look into Cliff bars or Lara Bars. Personally I sent my daughter with Luna Bars to camp all summer. These are more expensive so this is only for your little one.

Just some ideas. Good luck.
Vebran 17 years ago
You know I seriously never have gotten the peanut allergy thing, nor the latex one. I mean I know that I went to school in the dark ages apparently, but wouldn't having a kid go to school with peanut butter on their hands, etc, do a similar thing.

I know that I probably don't get it, considering my daughter doesn't have one, but what happens when the kid grows up and faces a society that truly enjoys the peanuty goodness ......with balloons?

But the snacks, well Catherine came home when we gave her a snack for snack day, forget what it was, but the teacher told her not to bring it back anymore. Both Roz and I got a little angry, but I decided I'll deal with it passive-agressively and send basically what I want. Until you provide a list of things that expressively approved or disapproved I'll sent what I want and find appropriate. None of this making up shit on the fly without the documentation to enforce it, my theory (regarding policies and such from established governmental organizations) is that until it is writing you better not give me any shit about how I choose to follow things.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Fruit gushers. I just thought they were little fruit snacks, I think there are little pockets with gushy...fruit. Could be a little messy. We hate her teacher though and we're seriously not happy with them right now. I've been looking into sending Catherine to a private school with a smaller ratio and more experienced staff. Catherine's teacher is 20 something and hasn't taught first grade before. In fact, I stopped by today for an hour and observed the class and I discovered 1) I hate kids and 2) I am right to be concerned. The teacher is by herself, which isn't her fault per say but...I'm not going to derail this thread. I just hate right now and I think you should send whatever the fuck you want to send.
Gylius 17 years ago
My parents used to send me to school without a lunch. They said I could eat the grass on the field. On top of that I was sent to school with a belt. So I could beat myself when I misbehaved. I wish I had a childhood where my toughest decision was, which snack am I allowed to bring to class.
Crikett 17 years ago
I tried the granola bar thing too that as well is not on the "approved list" for his school. It was a huge problem for Jordan first and second grades he only wanted peanut butter and jelly for lunch. He had to give that up and I understand that and never had an isue doing so.
Dried fruit would be great hoewver he is a brat and wont eat it.
Much like you Roz I have debated on putting himin a different school where the classes are smaller and he would get more out of school.
Bendir 17 years ago
So my son takes meds that supress his appetite so I always send snacks to his school.

Oh boohoo, his meds supress his appetite. It's not like he has cancer. My parents never fed me as a kid and I turned out fine. Sure I'm 3 inches shorter than my dad, I have poor vision, allergies, a sleeping disorder, and a receeding hairline, but I turned out fine. The kid doesn't need those snacks. Tell him to suck it up. Gylius' parents had the right idea.

(And if he does in fact have cancer, then I'm so so sorry)
Prosecution 17 years ago
Cooked unflavored soy.

That should do it.
Calimaryn 17 years ago
I would definately have the school and teacher send you their list of either what is acceptable or what is not allowed.

Hit up a health food store and score some Golden Pea Butter. It is seriously awesome and contains no nuts. Tastes just like peanutbutter and honey mixed together.

I honestly did not think Angel would eat dried fruit either. But then I bought Just Apples which are tart, chewy and amazingly sour. She liked them better than candy. If he likes sour stuff, which most kids do, try to get him to taste it even if that means you eat them yourself. With Angel I found the more I tell her "no, Mine!" the more she wants something. hehe

I love the Just dried fruits. Try some out. Even the rasins taste 100% better than Sunmaid.
Sarah 17 years ago
My daughter's school isn't as restrictive, but they do have a o peanut policy in her class this year, which means whatever snacks you bring can not contain peanuts. However their snack rules are easy to follow

No juice, no peanut or peanut prducts, nothing that can crumble (ie pop tarts0 and nothing "wet" (yogurt fruit cups, etc.) She takes fruit snacks, granola bars, raisins, cheese sticks, gold fish, animal crackers, and dried fruit mix.

Nature Valley makes something called Apple Crisps they are dried apples dusted with cinamon and sugar, they're very sweet and crunchy, like eating apple flavored chips. I would also try banana chips, they're very sweet and cruchy and a good source of potassium.

My yougest has appetite problems as well, so I sneak in the essentials ay eay I can.

Also have you tried Ensure? My youngest drinks those for breakfast along with eating a banana and it tends to keep her going until lunch when I can coerce a bite or two down her.

Ok back to snack ideas...pretzels (rods not twists or sticks-less salt mess) gold fish, animal crackers, Oh!... gerber makes these really great flavored crakers that are packed with viamins, those could be poured into a baggie so that o one but you knows they are for toddlers...

um...dry cereal with fruit, teddy grahms, regular ol' grahm crackers...

This is a great time of year to get little bags of pretzels at Sam's they have them in big buckets for trick-or-treat, our sams usually keeps them out until they are gone, or a week whichever comes first.

By the this a public school? What state are you in?