Begrudge - a poem (no comments)

You choose not to have a life
You choose not to keep any friends
I look at you and I realize
That's not how I want my life to end

Hiding in the basement or kitchen to do
Just about anything you think should be
But instead to me you don't listen to
You're not living your life, you see

Cleaning and cooking are important, sure
But your life they should not override
Instead you complain as you scrub down a door
When you could be enjoying something outside

When you ask for help, you say I begrudge
But you see, plans have been pre-made
Whether written in stone or gooey fudge
By the side these plans should not be laid

Early on in the eve, give me some sign
That my assistance you will soon need
Instead when I resist you do malign
Whenever I do help you and allay selfish greed.

Rae 16 years ago
This is very good. I like it, kind of hits home for me in a lot of ways. I have mixed feelings about which side of the arguement I would be on. Still. it is a very good and emotive poem. Then again, your usually are.