ZOMG Rikr!

I love Trader's Village!

I got lost there once when I was a kid. That was so much fun! A nice morman man gave me ice cream while he and his giant family waited with me for my mom. Good times!

I haven't been in years. Do they still have the carnival rides in the center? And are there still like nineteen booths that sell stuff with your name spray painted on it? I had one of those shirts. It said Girls can do it better on the front and Sarah on the back. It rocked. I miss that shirt.

Rikr 17 years ago
LOLz I live about 10 minutes away from T.V. Yes the rides are still there. I took my boy up on that 90 foot thing that goes around . Gives you an arial view of the whole place and you can see the airport from it. It was windy that day and the bucket we were in was moving all around and creaking. I looked up and all of the bolts were all rusty. My palms started sweating and I was horrified. (I have a fear of heights, but I couldn't say no to Jeremy. lol) He was having an ok time and then he looked at me and very calmly asked..."Are we going to fall down?" I said of course not....but I really deep down thought we were going to fall.

There's only like one Airbrush stand that I can think of. I go about twice a month, hoping to find that hidden gem for the Antique Roadshow or something. I love Traders Village, but Stephanie doesn't really get it. I used to go Garage sellin' when Steph slept in on the weekends...but I don't go as much anymore.
Sarah 17 years ago
I think it's one of those things you have to grow up doing. My parents took us twice a month or so, or when we needed something big like a new bed, because thinngs are crazy cheap out there and money was always very tight in our house. My first bike came from out there.

It's a neat place to go, especially if you like to go to antique malls or garage sales.