What outrageous thing have you done for your kids?

I'm finally crossed that line. Some may see it as extreme, others not so much.


Today I make my now daily calls to the local Fred Meyer (kind of like a Target, but with groceries as well) to check and see if they have any Wiis in stock. (I figure that I can call the one next to base as it's only a 10 minute drive). *Ring* *Ring*. "Thank you for calling Fred Meyer, department please." I tell the attendant, "Yes electronics please." ...*Ring* *Ring*..."Thank you for calling Fred Meyer, how many I help you?" "Yes, do you have any Wiis in stock?" "We just sold out 45 minutes ago"

Damn, today I waited until around 9 to give a call, figuring that they wouldn't have had any in stock, but to miss it by 45 minutes, I could have gotten one. Then the gears start to turn in my head. I'll call the Fred Meyer out in Eagle River (small suburb of Anchorage about 15ish minutes away).

Cut to the chase with the ringing and stuff, the electronics department tells me that they have 7 in stock and will not hold any. The gears continue to grind. Do I drive all the way out there and take advantage of the fact that I'm the ranking guy here or do I follow the rules that I would expect the people working for me to follow?

........Hmmm, well I decide to call another Fred Meyer in town (we have 3). Well I do and they have sold out as well.

I think for a second. Take advantage, gift for daughter. Role model, no gift for daughter that she really probably doesn't have a great desire for. I was conflicted, the trumoil boiled in my skull.

In reality all it took was one second to grab my keys, hat and wallet, run down the hallway, and told the next highest ranking guy, "I'll be back in an hour I have to go to Eagle River"

So I drive way too fast for such icy and cold conditions, but I make it there in about 15 minutes. I screech into the parking lot, jump out of the car and then into the store.

"Excuse me do you have any Wiis in stock?" I fully expected the answer to be, "Sorry we just sold the last one" out However I was cheefully disappointed, "Yes, we have one or two left". She lead me to the back and grabbed the LAST ONE in stock and took me up the counter.

As I was paying for my daughters Christmas present there was a gentleman at the counter, calmly complaining "If I had known you would have some in stock I would have been down here" In my moment I briefly contemplated giving him mine so that he could make his child as happy as I hope to make mine.

But then I said " it", I just drove 20 some odd miles, this sucker is going under my tree.

At the end of all this my adernaline was actually racing and I was more excited than I probably should have been. But now all I can think, and hope for, is that my daughter will be the most excited in Christmas morning gy than any morning before.

I talked to Roz about this and we both pretty much agree that this is the most outrageous thing that I've attempted to do for our daughter. I never thought I would be one of "those" parents that tries to do anything to get their kid the "it" present for the holiday season. (Although I didn't camp out or buy one on ebay, this to me is pretty extreme)

ROzbeans 17 years ago
You spelled 'tries' wrong. I had to fix that. You're so silly, husband. =)
Onimi 17 years ago
lol, get me one to plz!!!! =)
Mileron 17 years ago
Of course you know she'll need someone to play with

Gift for daughter indeed!
Vex 17 years ago
the reason you kept it, and got so worked up and excited is....

you get to play with it more than cat does cause cat is widdle and goes to bed early!

admit it.
Temprah 17 years ago
that is *exactly* what I was thinking as I read that Vex. And I don't think anything is too outrageous to get something for your kids.
Calimaryn 17 years ago
When Angel was younger I would go back to stores over and over checking for the latest thing she wanted. Most notebly 1" Pokemon figurines and Neopet Cards (different years). As a parent you want your kiddo to be happy. If that means you 'camp' a store or just call around asking, then you do it (within reason).

My Aunts once spent an entire day in line waiting for Cabbage Patch dolls for the 4 kids of the family. Now that was a bit much.

Grats on your Wii!
Sarah 17 years ago
My children are not hung up on the newest and latest thing, because they don't watch television, so aren't inundated with commercials. However they do have certian preferences and we do try to cater to them if we can.

I can't say that I've done aything outrageous, but I let my mother-in-law do a lot. We've had two themed birthday parties for my daughter thus far in her 8 little years. One was a ballerina party and the other more recent was a pirate party. We all dressed up, decorated to the nines. Every goodie, every game, the cake, everything matched the theme and we spent way too much money, but they were memorable parties and she had a good time.
Gylius 17 years ago
None of these posts seem to be anything resembling outrageous. When I think outrageous I think of a son or daughter being picked on, and so in a moment of rage you beat up a 12 year old. Blowing off an hour of work seems standard. American even.

When I was 12 or so I was practicing with my brother's soccer team. Sometime during the game 1 kid held my brother while another kid kicked him. So, understandably, I absolutely lost it and went to beat the shit out of the two kids who hurt my brother. When I ran after the kid who held my brother, the assistant coach (my dad was head coach) grabbed me and held me so I couldn't enact revenge.

My dad then lost it and yelled, "DON'T EVER, EVER PUT YOUR HANDS ON MY SON!" And punched the assistant coach. That's a little bit closer to outrageous.

You parents aren't the slight bit outrageous. Good try though.
Den 17 years ago
My mom almost hit neighbor lady with a fly swatter once. She had picked it up off the ground as she was walking outside to see what all the yelling was. I had gotten into a fight with the boy across the street, and his mom had come over to yell at me. The boy and I were the same age, and since he was the neighborhood bully, we always seemed to be in the middle of something. But this time his mom was yelling at me to stay away from her son, while she was standing in OUR driveway, and my mom lost it. Shaking the flyswatter at the lady, my mom told her to get off our property, and that if she didn't get control of her bully son...well, I'm not sure what all went on after that, cause by then I had gone on to play elsewhere :P
ROzbeans 17 years ago
He said outrageous, not violent. I would've paid money to see that though.
Maelgrim 17 years ago
That does not seem outrageous to me at all, however it is an example of spoiled american kids. =P Shes what? 5 or 6? what does she need a wii for? Be honest you just want to play it. I bet she has a dvd player, color tv, stereo system in her bed room and you probably let her sleep on sheets, not straw!! wtf
ROzbeans 17 years ago
She's 7 and 3 monrhs!!!
Lillaanya 17 years ago
I am so glad mine is still 3...Happy Meal toys still get her excited
Gylius 17 years ago
He said outrageous, not violent. I would've paid money to see that though.

Outrageous and violent aren't mutually exclusive. They can be one and the same, and in a lot of situations are. I dunno, I'm just not seeing how buying a wii while you're supposed to be at work is outrageous. Had you driven like 12 hours in the dead of night to get the wii, well then, that might be a little more outrageous.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Well that's our version of outrageous. For Mike, that's a lot of effort. =x