Yule Ball piece

I fretted over this silly thing for weeks. Then I got sick and could only make her one piece so anyway some thoughts on her would be great.

ROzbeans 17 years ago
I like the skirt, it looks like crushed velvet! How heavy would that be? =x Your dolls are definitely getting better with each piece, Sarah!
Trakhina 17 years ago
It's very pretty. Wish my folds turned out so well.
Sarah 17 years ago
Thanks Ladies!

A trick I've learned for folds is to draw them at the same time you are drawing the outline. Draw everything in black on seperate layers, then change the colors with the fill tool as you fill in the color.

Ok so step one is draw the skirt outline on one layer, draw the bodice outline on another layer and the folds on one layer per part of the dress.

Then fill in the dress parts under the outline layers.

Then change the colors of your outline lines using the paint bucket tool.

Then use a 3 pixel drop shadow brush about four shades darker than your base color and trace over your fold lines on the same layer.

Then on the base color layer dodge and burn around them.

Ok that's way more complicated than I thought.
Temprah 17 years ago
i think it's gorgeous! The only thing nit picky I would see is the snowflake right under her hand is a little distracting but.. her dress and hair are beautiful!