Hi All! Another Newcomer.

Hi everyone.

My name is Tori and I just wandered over from DA, thanks to reading Rain's journal feature on the art exchange.

What a fantastic idea!

I'm a long time rper and dabbler in writing, so this grabbed my interest right away. I also love to do character portraits, so this really is right up my alley. I really enjoyed reading through all the bios and can't wait to see who I am going to be illustrating.

Outside of that, I am happily owned by 9 cats and a siberian husky. My husband and I have 3 grown kids between us. We recently moved from the city to the country and are loving every minute of it.

It's nice to meet all of you and I hope to get to know you all better.


Oh.. if you want to have a boo at my DA gallery, feel free to drop by.

ROzbeans 17 years ago
Hello!!!!!!!1 Glad to have you here at TAC! I got you watched over at DA and thanks for watching me as well =) I sent you a link to our sister site that maybe you might like as well. Looking forward to seeing more of ya here and on DA!
Adiene 17 years ago
hiyas hun! *huggles~!
Temprah 17 years ago
welcome! I'm off to see your DA gallery now.. Definately check out Sanguine Affliction, we love new blood over there *evil grin*
Den 17 years ago
Yes yes!! Check out Sanguine Affliction..under the affiliate drop down on the upper right!! Welcome to TAC, but we really want your blood on the other board!!
*smiles innocently*
Sarah 17 years ago
Welcome aboard!!!
Four Winds 17 years ago
Greetings and Welcome!
Eve 17 years ago
Welcome aboard!
rixster 17 years ago
Nice to meet you... 9 cats??? I thought 3 was bad enough... lol.
RainfeatherPearl 17 years ago
TORI!!!! am so pleased you came to join us - welcome to TAC hon!!!