Hi there

Hi everyone...

I am Perel, also known as Rain's worse half I play a little at DA with 3D, manips, and a little writing.

There is so much talent here it is scarry...

I am sure I will be learning alot...

ROzbeans 16 years ago
Pfft, your gallery is amazing! Thanks so much for registering and hanging out. This is going to be a hella fun exchange and we're happy to have ya and Miss Rain again! Any questions, lemme know - otherwise enjoy!!!
Sarah 16 years ago
Hello and wellcome!
Four Winds 16 years ago
Nice to meet you, to meet you nice!
Den 16 years ago
Eve 16 years ago
Hey sweetie! Welcome to our lil corner of the web
rixster 16 years ago
Hey Perel - just new myself - nice to see you here - Rick.
RainfeatherPearl 16 years ago
worse half? pffffft...you're too nice honey...I'M the worse half just checking in to see if everyone's playing nice, lol.