Food Allergies

I haven't posted in here in about forever years or whatever. Anyways, for some reason I figured this would be the place to post my 5 year old daughter's plight...FOOD ALLERGIES.

We went to the allergenist and had blood taken...she has horrible allergy shiners, so bad her eyes crack. She is constantly stopped up, coughing, whatever. So anyways, my wife thought it may be food allergies. We tried to keep her off certain foods, and NO ONE would hear of it; both of our families acted real weird about it, like we were cooks.

Well here it is! Medical proof from an ENT, she is allergic to:

  • almond

  • asparagus

  • barley

  • broccoli

  • cantaloupe

  • carrot

  • cashew

  • celery

  • coconut

  • corn

  • cucumber

  • egg white

  • gluten

  • grapefruit

  • lemon

  • lettuce

  • cows milk

  • orange

  • peanut

  • green pepper

  • white potato

  • rye

  • safflower

  • soybean

  • tomato

  • walnut

  • watermelon

  • wheat

  • brewer's yeast

  • baker's yeast
Yes, that WHOLE list is things she can't have. Wheat, corn, and soy are the toughest, since EVERYTHING out there has gluten, corn oil or corn syrup, or soy oil. We have to do all our shopping at the health food store now and pay out the roz...errr, I mean out the woz for it.

But anyways, no thread is good without hope! We have introduced her to some culinary delights of my own making, and she's LOVING them.

1. Spinach Salad with Raisins and Sweet Dressing
This is nothing more than a bowl of spinach leaves sprinkled with raisins and coated all over with Agave Nectar. For those of you who don't know, agave nectar is a sticky sauce that tastes like a mix between honey and maple syrup, except it is low calorie and VERY low on the glycemic index.

2. Steve's O' Natural Frenchy Toast
This is a GREAT french toast I make using gluten free brown rice bread and egg yolks. I used to use the whole egg, but she's allergic to egg whites.

I heat a skillet and put in some olive oil, then set down cold rice bread on top of the oil. After a while the top of the bread starts looking wetter and softer. At this time I dab a little milk free butter on it and flip, then immediately start cutting the toast into cubes. Whip up egg yolks, one per piece of bread, and pour it right in over top the bread. Mix it up, coat every piece, add some salt and then drizzle it all with agave nectar. Mix it up and let the agave cook in. Pour it into a bowl for the best damn bowl of frenchy toast you ever had! Serve with a glass of ice cold Rice Dream Chocolate Rice Milk for maximum taste.

3. Peach Chips
Dehydrate peach slices! Duh.

4. Chocolate Ricemilk Shakes
One banana, 6 ice cubes, a few cups of chocolate rice milk, blend, and voila! Excellent shakes.

5. Ooey Gooey Agavericeyraisinmash.
Make some sticky rice (jasime or basmati works best, long grain is great), mix it up with raisins and agave nectar mix real well, add salt and a liiiiiiittle bit of Indian garam masala spice. Magnific!

Anyways, I know I'm not a regular here by any means, but I'm your webhost and can do whatever I want. So there.

ROzbeans 17 years ago
Poor little pooter =( those sounds good though, Las. Oh gracious webhost warlord...
Den 17 years ago
I admire your keeping a positive outlook on your daughter's food issues. It's always so much easier for them to learn to live with such things when the parent retains that exterior of hope, no matter how difficult it might be. I know because my daughter was born with dislocated hips, and as a result had issues with her feet and legs that she had to learn to work with.

Out of curiosity...will your daughter out grow any of her allergies?

Since I've limited experience with my own allergies, that are nothing in comparison, I don't have anything to offer, except kudos to you and your wife, and good luck to the three of you.

(PS - being diabetic, I'm going to check out that agave nectar - thanks for the info!)
Lasairduan 17 years ago
Oh yes do, agave is AWESOME. Sweeter than honey.

Yes, they say she will probably grow out of the allergies, but it will take time...perhaps months, perhaps years. Wheat, peanuts, gluten, and milk are the really tough ones, they will probably take a while.

According to the doctor, these happen because of "glitches" in the nervous system. Your nervous system is supposed to see things as positive, negative, or neutral. Positive should be food, negative should be parasites, and neutral should be stuff like pollen and grass. Sometimes it gets overloaded, short circuits, whatever, and it thinks you're allergic to something you're not.

We're modifying our diets to work with hers too...we're trying to make everything in a way so she can eat it too, and when we go out with family we always bring treats for her like Rice Dream Ice Cream and such. She has a great outlook on it, and it helps us lose some weight too.

Check out these glycemic levels of sweeteners:

Organic Agave Nectar 14
Fructose 32
Lactose 65
Honey 83
High fructose corn syrup 89
Sucrose 92
Glucose 137
Glucose tablets 146
Maltodextrin 150

Not only that, but you only need about 1/4th the Agave Nectar that you do other sweeteners.
Maltose 150
Four Winds 17 years ago
I'm lactose intolerant so most dariy products are are no go zone for me. Here's hoping the little one outgrows some of the food allergies. And I salute you for having such a positive outlook.
Perel 17 years ago
WOW! That is a tremendous list. We have a peanut allergy in the five year old, but to even imagine your list is daunting. You have my utmost respect for having such a positive "can do" attitude. You are an inspiration ner
Lasairduan 17 years ago
Oh, but I have to add how cool my little five year old girl is. She was SO looking forward to today because she hoped she'd be allergic to less. When it was more, she was REALLY happy.

We asked her why, and she said 1) because she really likes the food we make her, and likes feeling healthy, and 2) because we can't make her eat celery, brocolli, tomato, or peppers anymore. =)
Verity 17 years ago
Wow. That's quite a list of allergies! alot to keep track of!

Those recipies sound awesome though! more please?
RainfeatherPearl 17 years ago
awww, am so sorry to hear that hon. my 5 year old is allergic to peanuts and i was quite sad when the doctors confirmed it. no PB&J for her and unfortunately even if her sister is not allergic to it, we have to stop serving her peanuts as well incase she gives her sister a peck. glad to hear you're staying on top of it and always have that epi pen handy.

Calimaryn 17 years ago
That is quite a list! Most common grains, nuts, fruits and veggies are on it. Hard, but not impossible. I am so happy to hear everyone is so positive and working hard to keep her healthy. Way to go!

I am personally allergic to dairy, egg and meat. For 5 years I was Lacto/Ovo Veg before becoming vegan due to a nasty cheese reaction. Its been 3.5 years now and I can only eat casian or less than 2% of egg or whey. Challenging but not impossible.

The health food store in your area, or possibly a large chain store even, should have brown rice pasta which is great! Also try grains like Quinoa and Amaranth. You could look into Sunshine Burgers! I have really enjoyed some products from The Cravings Place.

Since she can still eat rice and beans I would be ok with that. Shred zuchini or get french cut green beans to add a bit more veggie matter to the mix and boom, many many different combinations of flavors and tastes all with protien and non allergens. mmmm Saffron rice with canellini beans, cumin rice with pinto beans, garlic rice with black beans, basil rice with large white beans, lemon pepper rice with garbanzo beans, tumeric rice with lentils. Ok the last one is lentils but still delish! And dont forget all the different varieties of rice there are, basmati, jasmine, wild, brown... mmmm

Of course, you probably can add meat to all those. hahaha But I think they are perfect as is. You could also look online for Celiac recipes, because thats gluten and nut free.

Good luck and please do share recipes.

Doh! I almost forgot. Check into Golden Peabutter. Yum Yum!
Quelin 16 years ago
That is really crappy Cali, natural cheeses should have a very low whey content, but any processed cheeses have whey stuck in there to bulk them up / cost savings. Just saying that if your are OK with casein and its whey that is getting you, but you can still have low levels of it you may occasionally be able to have cheese. If any whey gets you well everything dairy will have been exposed to whey in which case its nada.

Sorry to hear about your girl Las, that is a daunting list. At least she didn't have anaflactic (sp?) shock. One thing you will want to consider is that sometimes you can develop an allergy to something that is similar to another food. For example being allergic lemon and grapefruit could turn into a total citrus allergy (oranges, limes, etc) or cows milk into all milk (goat, sheep, etc). Good luck, sorry I don't have any suggestions as I am a omnivore.