Anyone know...

If ExprssnImg's things *ever* go on sale?! He just released a new pack for V4 called Katie at Rendor that I am REALLY wanting, and he's had a pack for V3 I've been dying to get forever but they're so damn expensive! Katie is new to the store and there is NO intro sale price?!?!?! At least he's dropped the price on Odetta now but.. I want V4 things more now lol!


Banbha 17 years ago
I have never seen his stuff go on sale.
Temprah 17 years ago
yeah me either I broke down and got Katie now I need to actually use her!
Temprah 17 years ago
*screams and kicks things* You know apparently his stuff DOES go on sale because Katie is on sale right now.. Save $1.70 on her ATM. *glowers*
RainfeatherPearl 17 years ago
hey hon....ExprssnImg's stuff is on sale at the moment so i hope you get this before it expires.
syyreeidak 17 years ago
I wish they would come out with more Miki stuff. Of course when Miki 2.0 comes out all my Miki stuff won't be usable on her.