Eve's Wow Pic - WIP

This is a piece I'm working on for Eve as my half of an art trade with her. CC is fine, it's always good to know when you've fubar'd something.

Scetch - frame is baced of the works of Alphone Mucha

Begining to paint in photoshop --- referance photo to the left.

Facial close-up

Hair is teh suck

Current progress

ROzbeans 16 years ago
Damn girl you tore up my tables!!! That is awesome, especially that ass, that's some blaDOW right there.
Eve 16 years ago
*bounces* That is my girl's smackable ass right there! *giggle*
Temprah 16 years ago
this is gorgeous, and yeah that ass is sooooo smackable =D
jadephyre 16 years ago
i wish i could draw like that
Lunna 16 years ago
Just a little update on Eve's pic. Mother-in-law visit has made the progress slow. out


edit - fixed image, too large. = Roz
Lunna 16 years ago
Why didn't it auto-squish like the other ones?
ROzbeans 16 years ago
It is an insanely huge file. I couldn't even attach it, the size was too large. And it didn't squish them on my monitor - it's stretch the fuck out of my tables.
Lunna 16 years ago
ooo... I'll have to check the file size when I get home. I know I'm working with a higher rez in the PSD file, I bet I forgot to reduce it.
ROzbeans 16 years ago
Lunna could you please break down your pics to just their urls at the top post so they're not stretching the tables out?
Lunna 16 years ago
Wierd.. I noticed that when I reply and the thread refreshes, it shows the stretched tables (sorry ) but if I look at the thread from the forum all the picks are auto squished.

Reguardless, I'll work on fixing it so it doesn't bork the tables when I get home and can edit the jpgs.

Edit: I can url it from work.
ROzbeans 16 years ago
I see what you mean. If you click into it via the right column where the most recent post is listed, it won't squish for me. But if I go down the tree - tac index, 3d, thread - it'll squish. Weirdness. If you reduce the size of the jpgs when you get home, feel free to upload them as an attachment. It won't take it if it's a huge file though.
Lunna 16 years ago

Update 3-14-07
Lunna 16 years ago
PS. CC is good. I really want this piece to look the best that I can make it.
Jetamio 16 years ago
Wow! That is one hot picture. Only thing I can suggest is maybe let a few strands of her hair fall down her back. atm is all over her shoulder, but not enough of a curve to make it looks like she just swished it over that shoulder.
Den 16 years ago
I see what Jet means, and agree...with hair that long it would seem more natural to have some falling down her back. Of course you may not be done with that part either

I'm really fascinated by watching your progress. The picture is really hot, and I can't wait to see it when you're finished.
Lunna 16 years ago
The only two parts of this that I'm completely 100% saticfied with are her eyes and lips. Everything else is up for change.

Thanks for the feedback. You're correct about her hair, it's too stiff and posed on that side. I'll be revisiting that area.
Lunna 16 years ago
Okies I went nutts working on this one tonight. And durn if I dont feel pretty good about the progress. Thanks for all the feedback, btw.

Jetamio 16 years ago
Hair is much better now Another thing, her right shoulder, is it meant to have no shoulderguard like the other has? If its meant to have one, some of it would show, but if she only is meant to have one, then ignore this.

Colouring and shading is awesome, I'm in complete awe of this pic lol.
Lunna 16 years ago
I agree the shape of the hair is lots better now, thanks!

I have lots of new lighting work to do on this and yes the right shoulder should have a guard like the other one. I'm just not really pleased with the left one so I've not even started on the right.
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
this has just been incredible to watch happening. i know it's no where near done and i can;t wait to see how it ends up. the only thing i can add by way of cc is that my eye keeps getting drawn to where the tail joins the body. i'm not sure how to explain it - it's almost like it's an addon rather than a part of her i think.

and btw - i would kill for that bone structure in my face!!!