blue hair is not just for grannies

I am not a goth or punk person but I saw this base and had to try it. lol Just for the fun of it.

ROzbeans 17 years ago
How the heck did I miss this? Sorry for the late reply, VW. I'm not a pixel person so I couldn't really suggest any c/c tips, but I dig the blue hair and the pose.
vwinsect 17 years ago
Thanks. It was one I did after basically dropping off the face of the earth dolling wise for quite awhile. I do it for fun. It just looked like a blue hair person to me. hehehe

Beli 17 years ago
The only thing that threw me off was blue hair not just being for grannies -- when did they ever wear blue?

I hope you're still dolling even with lack of responses. (I didn't see this thread until Roz bumped it.) It's always fun to see the gradual changes to your style over time.
Den 17 years ago
Elderly women used to rinse their silver grey hair with a blue rinse which stopped the grey from yellowing, though it was a pale blue...not electric like kids today
ROzbeans 17 years ago
I plan on fighting grays every step of the way O_o
vwinsect 17 years ago
giggles, according to my students I am already an old person at 36. But young at heart, so they say its ok.
LillianaSapphire 17 years ago
I think it looks really good. I used to do these Dollz things before i got properly into digital art.,

Nice work!
vwinsect 17 years ago
Thanks. I have done much better but it was a different style for me. chuckles. I need to do the dolls for my top ranked students in each class soon. I put them up as dolls on my website for a year (until the next year's top students are figured out) to brag on them. They get a kick out of it.
LillianaSapphire 17 years ago
Your welcome. I used to do the big ones like you do too, but first i started off on the itzy bitzy little ones. I used to have a community about them on msn but closed it down.

They're fun i think

Pain in the ass though if you're painting stuf pixel by pixel. lol
DawnStar 17 years ago
good job, vw...nice to see that there are still dollers around. i too used to pixel them...and still do when the odd moment comes along or i find a base that strikes the right cord and inspires me. keep it up!
LillianaSapphire 17 years ago
I should give it ago sometime in the future. We could actually try cloth painting or something..... that would be cute.
vwinsect 17 years ago
Thank you both. And I enjoy it when the mood hits. Gives me something other than teaching science and dealing with the parents of teenagers to think about. hehe