DAY FOUR- /ooc chatter

Hank and his van were reunited...if only briefly. DISCUSS!

Temprah 16 years ago
Angelina is dead... death of a rockstar
Temprah 16 years ago
And I say Jet! I don't think Nicki is mafia..
Den 16 years ago
Well crap - somehow my review totally missed that day :P

Since Jet was the very first guess I had, which I unfortunately changed to Emerald, I tend to agree with you. Going to hold off voting though, since I haven't totally ruled out Nickie, Lanna, or Angus either.
Slipnish 16 years ago
I dunno yet. I need to review again. Guess I'll head over to the voting thread and see what people think, then do some poking around to see if I agree...
Rae 16 years ago
I have my doubts about Jet. Many of the clues presented against her also work for other people, including her main accuser Temprah.

Having reviewed Temprah's bio, there are a ton of clues that point to her as well, that makes what she says doubtful.

~ One of the clues Temprah offers against Jet is the color red.

Jet does have red hair, but then again so does Temprah. In fact Temprah not only has red hair but a red flannel shirt. That would be two references to red in her bio.

~ Temprah also said the quote from about the streets matched Jet.

Temprah's own bio mentions streets littered with bodies.

~ Temprah says that the quote from today means there are 6 townies left.

If you look at the rest of the quote, it has alot of music reference. Temperah has an acoustic guitar.

This makes it look like Temprah is finding clues that match her and trying to point them at someone else.

~ Another point that might indicate that Temprah could be mafia is the reference to the "sweet stench of death"

In her bio, Temprah has cigarillos. Cigars and cigarillos are said to have a sweet stench. And, everyone knows that tobacco will kill you.

I am not saying that Temprah is definately mafia but she is suspicious. So many of the clues she has against Jet are circumstantial and iffy. The only reason to be that determined to hang someone on questionable clues is if you are the sheriff who got a lucky skid and need the clues to match, or you are mafia and need to place the blame on someone else.

Personally, I would hold off on hanging the Scots until we had something more concrete.
Rae 16 years ago
Channeling Vulash from the great beyond.....more clues incoming shortly.
Slipnish 16 years ago
Okay, I'm going out on a limb here, but I went back and reviewed both the Mafia Hits and the SK hits...

If you look at the two sets of kills, there are definite differences. I think these lead us to one person, and for the following reasons...

In each Mafia Kill, at least the first three, there are lot's of references to children and child-like things...

Like these:

The first two songs used use the words, "born" and "baby."

Later Vern mentions, "small masses."

Then the phrase, "...big day tomorrow" which is something you here every parent on TV say all the time. "Go to sleep little one, you've got a big day tomorrow."

In the Second Mafia Hit:

Mat is twirling a ketchup bottle. Could be a coinky-dink, but it is a favored food of little ones...

Then there progresses the whole scene of Matt with nightmares. Who often needs comforting from nightmares? Children.

The Mother Abigale, references only come up in Mafia Hits as well. Another "mother" and "children" theme.

The reference to putting, "...his cheek in his hand, remembering Mother Abigale..."

Mafia Hit Three:

Flagg makes reference to "little consciences" bothering the killers.

Then there's the "wee headache" problem. A reference to an accent or to the fact that one person among us deals almost exclusively with children throughout her bio?

And this one, though it's probably a stretch: “You could be a little more grateful, you know.” Dunno how literary the mods are, but the quote, "How sharper than a serpents tooth is the tongue of an ungrateful child." popped into my head when I read this one. Another leader to child rearing/child care.

I'm leaning towards Carly and Lanna. We still have all the medical references from the first one:

1. heart attack Obvious medical clue!
2. unnerved and shivery in spite of the July heat Like a fever? You bet!
3. His mouth went foul-tasting and dry Dry mouth? A common side effect to lots of medication!
4. the sickly sweet stench of death in the air, and he shivered again. Angels of Mercy = Angels of Death. Another Gimme! clue!
5. fearful paralysisParalysis? Where else do you see that but in the medical field?
6. A little room, please Like an examining room???
7. It was then that she felt the pinch and slide of a needle, an unmistakable sensation for someone who had given so many to others and received more than a few herself. Nurse on Nurse abuse! It may be hot to contemplate, under other circumstances, but here it's just MURDER!
8. the signs that their drug was taking effect.drug effect? Could you BE any more obvious?
9. the injection?” Obvious again.
10. The figure snorted in amusement and tossed down the used syringe Syringes now. Who would a thunk it?

I'm out of time, but I would encourage others to look for medical clues in the subsequent Mafia Hits...

I'm gonna edit this after I get some time to study todays hit...

I've only given it a cursory glance at this point...
Rae 16 years ago
My first pick for mafia is Estaban.

When I first mentioned Estaban he said that bravado meant bravery. However, it does not mean just bravery.

From Webster's online dictionary:
Main Entry: bra•va•do
Pronunciation: \brə-ˈvä-(ˌdō\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -does or -dos
Etymology: Middle French bravade & Old Spanish bravata, from Old Italian
bravata, from bravare to challenge, show off, from bravo
Date: circa 1580
1 a: blustering swaggering conduct b: a pretense of bravery 2: the quality or
state of being foolhardy

Estaban pretends to be a great latin lover, but his blustering and swaggering are false. Thus, it is a false bravado. Estaban is the only one who pretends to be someone they are not.

Next is this quote from the third mafia hit:

Vain are the thousand creeds
That move men's hearts, unutterably vain,
Worthless as withered weeds

Estaban is certainly vain. His entire bio is about how he has survived on his looks. Also if you look at the items he is carrying, he has more personal care products than many of the women.

ITEMS BEING CARRIED: A Gucci backpack, Evian water, a comb, hair products, moisturizers, tweezers, lip balm

Next is the water bottle clue that is attributed to Jet. Where she does have one, so does Estaban. However, Estaban has other mention of water in his bio.

Estaban spent the last few days in his penthouse suite until the mania died down, venturing out only to raid adjacent rooms for water and all too quickly putrifying foodstuffs.

Also in that quote you will notice that he does not have a problem with rumaging through other people's things to get what he wants.

Next point, has anyone noticed that the word 'heart' is somewhere in each of the first three mafia hits? This can be one of two people. It can be Dirk who specifically talks about a dream held close to his heart. But it can also point to Estaban. The common symbol of love is a heart. Estaban says he is a great lover of women.

Edit: I forgot one point from the last time I pointed to Estaban. His assistant left to score some coke. So he is either himself a drug user or is familiar with it. Either way, there is a drug reference in his bio.
Rae 16 years ago
Mother Abigail is a mod NPC and existed before the bios were made. That would not be a clue.

There are many small references, not just the small room. That could point to most of the women left, myself included.

As I just mentioned, you also have a drug reference in your bio. This makes you look very suspicious.
Slipnish 16 years ago
Vile slanders and lies... And after all we meant to each other ma cherie...

I AM a great lover of womens, and thees alone woul' be enou'h to keeep me from the keeelings, yes?

Despite Rae's ravings, I am sticking with Carly and Lanna...

'Nuff said.

"Your friends don't need explanations, and your enemies won't believe them anyway."
Slipnish 16 years ago
Mother Abigail is a mod NPC and existed before the bios were made. That would not be a clue.

There are many small references, not just the small room. That could point to most of the women left, myself included.

As I just mentioned, you also have a drug reference in your bio. This makes you look very suspicious.

Well, I can certainly see how you arrived at your conclusions. They make sense in that light. All I can offer is my assurance that I am NOT in the mafia. /shrug.

As for the Mother Abigale references, I dunno. I understand that mood thing, but would that preclude them from being clues? I've played before, and read The Stand (which is why I made SURE to come back for this one...) but I wasn't aware we could NOT include things other than the mod characters....

Anywho, that's just my 2 cents...
Slipnish 16 years ago
Mother Abigail is a mod NPC and existed before the bios were made. That would not be a clue.

There are many small references, not just the small room. That could point to most of the women left, myself included.

As I just mentioned, you also have a drug reference in your bio. This makes you look very suspicious.

I just find the references to her ONLY in the Mafia Hits to be odd...

Thats all I'm saying.
Rae 16 years ago
My next choice for Mafia is Dirk the clown.

First is the word heart in the first three hits. The could point to the "lover of women", but from Dirk's bio:

He may never be a clown himself, but he could help others out there with the same simple dream he once held so close to his heart[/b]

Next is the constant references to a mocking grin. This would appear to be a point toward the painted and exagerated smiles often associated with clowns. Furthermore, his bio references Ronald McDonald, who definately fits the exagerated grin description.

In the second hit against, blood came out of Emerald's nose. If the focus here is the nose, then it should be noted that Dirk has multiple clown noses with him.

[quote]Items being carried: A suitcase containing a packet of spearmint gum, half an apple, a plastic toy of Han Solo. A balloon animal training manual, a variety of clown noses and a big pair of shoes.

Next is the mention of something "Alien and Familiar" This could be the clown in full makeup. However, 'alien' also implies science fiction. Dirk carries a Han Solo doll.

Then there are the clean references. From today's hit:

and so it was a freshly washed Vera that everyone else saw cleaning up the body when they got up that morning.

Dirk had an accident with a washing machine. From his bio:

It was on one fateful day in his teen years when he was in a tragic accident with a washing machine, and his dreams of a career in clowning were quashed forever.
Slipnish 16 years ago

Perhaps Dirk is the elusive third... I hadn't considered those clues at all...
Rae 16 years ago
Lol, trying to look innocent by agreeing that someone else is guilty?
Slipnish 16 years ago
Lol, trying to look innocent by agreeing that someone else is guilty? Just voicing an unthought opinion. Originally I had the clown pegged for the SK, but others convinced me I was wrong. (We all know clowns are innately evil anyways...)

More child clues from today:
image of the poor kid
about his little mud bath.

I'm telling ya, the nurse and the child care lady...
Rae 16 years ago
Thank you for reminding me.

From Dirk's bio:

Dreams of laughing children, squirty flowers and falling off chairs better than anyone else in the world consumed him throughout his childhood.
lemmy101 16 years ago
:'( I thought everybody loved a clown.

All seems rather tenuous to me still, picking on particular words more than anything specifically relating to Dirk himself.

A grin on a truck, not on the killer. Blood coming out of a nose? Hmmm. I think personally that the speech patterns and nationality of a killer is more incriminating? No?

Also a vote of ignorance, I dunno how this game tends to be played but do first timers get picked for mafia often?

I dunno :-S anyway obviously I know these are misconstrued but then dunno if I'd be swayed by them myself so can't hold it against anyone


The frowning clown
Rae 16 years ago
Actually yes, first timers have been chosen for Mafia before. I was chosen as the sheriff my first game. I died spectacularly too, but that is another point all together
pharren 16 years ago
i was mafia my first time, AND I WON BTW, SPECTACULARLY MIGHT I ADD! and i would have won again, if it werent for those meddling kids!