DAY SIX LYNCH-Oops we did it again

Lips as sweet as candy
Your taste is on my mind
Girl you got me thirsty
For another - cup of wine

"Hooked on a Feeling" by David Hasselhoff

With a taste of your lips
I’m on a ride
You're toxic I'm slipping under
With a taste of a poison paradise

"Toxic" by Britney Spears

“Dish choo zee wash Briney did to er air before tha flu?” One of the members of the survivors looked earnestly at Angus, or at least as earnestly as a person could do whilst completely drunk. The group had decided to “celebrate” making it this far with a little party and lots of alcohol....for Angus. The rest of the group was not nearly as intoxicated as they appeared.

“s'a shame.” The tall Scotsman said sadly. He looked down at the CD's in his hands with a small sniff. There would be no more music or drama from his favorite diva, no more oops she did something again.

“Choo shou shave you head too jus like Briney.” One of the group said with great fake sympathy. “As a geshure of mourning.”


And so that was how they convinced Angus to shear off his hair (and the scraggly beard) before morning. The rest of the group had no trouble moving East the next day but the once ginger haired man was still quite intoxicated. The other survivors helped him along, offering him rides and more drink through out the day.

They hauled him out into the sun at every block in the road, someone talking to him about the greatness of “The Hoff” and Ms Spears while the rest worked to clear away the cars. They all kept watching the man with sideways glances but he paid it no notice.

Soon the evilness of their plan began to unfold; Angus was quickly dehydrating in the desert sun and his bald head, now quite red, was no longer sweating. The intake of more alcohol was of course making the situation much worse. It was hard to tell whether their victim was feeling light headed from their ingenious plan or if it was the drunkenness. His ramblings of seeing Britney could be hallucinations or the case upon case of shandy. (At this point even such a paltry drink was serving their purpose...besides they had ran out of everything else the night before.)

Finally on one particular stop Angus slid to the dusty oven temperature tarmac. His breathing was quick and labored and his pulse was as rapid as a little bird's. It would not be long now.

And it wasn't. The crescendo of the man's heartbeat came to an abrupt stop; the others gathered around to witness what they had done without much remorse. It was all, of course, a terrible unfortunate accident.


Vera was resigned to just keep moving at this point. She was tired and had slept little the previous night, visions of Vern's corpse speaking her name continued to haunt her through out the day. Matt had taken to leading the others and she made no protest. The once socially inept young man had somehow become a charismatic leader. While other people were losing heart and degenerating into remorseless killers, the administrative assistant had found a hidden reserve of strength and character.

She watched as he put all his effort into moving the cars of this latest road block. The kid was making good time running between the vehicles with the gas cans and soon they would be on their way.

One of the others startled Vera out of her reverie to announce that the tall lanky fellow had died. She was not entirely surprised and nodded mutely before heading towards Matt; He would want to bury the body. At least this time it seemed like an honest accident and not yet another murder. What ever had possessed the man to shave his head? She guessed they would never know.


The group gathered around the grave of Angus while Matt said a few words in parting. One of their number silently laid down a floppy red top hat and a single daisy to adorn his lonely grave.

Mai 16 years ago
Sorry for this being a bit late. The voting problems last night added to the weekend's activities to make it difficult to get out on time.

The mafia hit will be up shortly.