Day Seven /ooc chatter


vwinsect 17 years ago
And then there were three. I have just been told I am going visiting in OKC with the momma. I then tonight will be going to a dinner theater. Not sure when I will have time to vote.

We have Carly, Jet, and me left I think now. It says there are more than one survivor in that post but is that before they killed Nickie or after. Hmmmmm? I have seen evidence and bantering retoric toward both of them from numerous sources. The things pointing toward children and the theme of children supports the choice for Carly. The scottish hints could still point to Jet. hmmm ok I will try to vote between things today. I need to think.
Den 17 years ago
From the hit post, I see we have one female mafia left. Though I have little doubt who that is, I'm going to post my clue references to this hit later, when I get back from breakfast, and the movies.

Oh, and Gin...if you don't have time to vote later, you can give me your proxy
Jetamio 17 years ago
Good god, thats a horrible way to die. Scorpians!

I'll come back later when I stop feeling stuff crawling all over me
vwinsect 17 years ago
Ok went through each mafia hit and compared it somewhat with what I surmise from each of the remaining biographies. Even Lanna's so as to be fair (or try to). Some things are stretches but I put what came to mind. The blue is from the post and the red is my reasoning.

Name: Jet Brady

red glowing eyes red hair?

Windex.” A shrug. “Well…it worked.” For the camera lenses?

“We're here to take care of your wee headache problem.” Scots accent did we take care of this one or nor?

Ax handling? She brought a ruck sack, used to roughing it? Possible

Can drive could have driven vehicle that killed

Dead mountain mouth of carious teeth that cannot spit
Here one can neither stand nor lie nor sit
There is not even silence in the mountains
TS Elliot – The Waste Land
Scotland has many mountains

Rain themes Scotland rainy?

The scene with Vera and Vern’s reappearance is much like in Jet’s bio. Coincidence?

Wake up!
You can’t remember where it was.
Has this dream stopped?
-Celebration of the Lizard, Jim Morrison
woke up late missing plane..needing to wake up for something.. an echo of these lyrics?

Sleeping in an actual bed had a way of clearing a person’s thoughts, or at least it did in the case of one survivor-turned-murderer. Someone that might be used to roughing it and thus not upended by having to rough it?

Name: Lanna Rose Denmark

For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast,
And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed;
And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill,
And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still!
Could refer to a nurse

It was then that she felt the pinch and slide of a needle, an unmistakable sensation for someone who had given so many to others and received more than a few herself. Could refer to a nurse

Windex.” A shrug. “Well…it worked.” For the camera lenses?

Vain are the thousand creeds
That move men's hearts, unutterably vain,
Worthless as withered
weeds Vain vein nurse reference?

Can drive could have driven vehicle that killed

Drink up with me now,
And forget all about
The pressure of days.
Do what I say,
And I'll make you okay,
And drive them away
The images stuck in your head
could be nurse or childcare giver

Name: Carly Gables

Baby take my hand...don't fear the reaper reference to children

cheek in his hand, comforting guesture much like someone that cares for children

Windex.” A shrug. “Well…it worked.” For the mirror?

Can drive could have driven vehicle that killed

There comes a time, when you should see things clear
Free from my innocence, there is no circumstance too severe
Only the need for us, for us to believe
again free from innocence..reference to leave the ideology of children behind?

Rainy themes Seatle rainy?

could learn the difference between stalactites and stalagmites and see the pretty sparkles in the walls. Teaching … a nanny’s kind of thing to do

“Ah, don’t worry little girl! We’ve got a light here…” reassurance as if to a child

I am - yet what I am, none cares or knows:
My friends forsake me like a memory lost:
I am the self-consumer of my woes --
They rise and vanish in oblivious host
in bio seemed that people had disappeared

Drink up with me now,
And forget all about
The pressure of days.
Do what I say,
And I'll make you okay,
And drive them away
The images stuck in your head
could be nurse or childcare giver

I'm not the one who's so far away
When I feel the snake bite enter my veins
Never did I wanna be here again
And I don't remember why I came
-Voodoo, Godsmack
someone that isn’t far away from what? Home? Carly is the only one that was living in Seatle and not there visiting
Jetamio 17 years ago
Some good points there. Except the rainy Scotland part hehe, we do get some sunshine...sometimes. Anyway...

Scary thing is, my mother actually greets me with that lol.

I'm still thinking the wee thing is too obvious a clue, as it was a few days ago now and immediatly narrowed it down to 2 people out of what 10 or so that was left? Yeah I know, fine coming from me with the Scots accent, but I dont fancy dieing for being Scottish It was too obvious.

Living it rough, using an axe, yes I can see the connections there. But theres no scorpions in Scotland, its too cold...and erm, wettER than Utah Scorpions aren't something you can just pick up and get lucky not getting stung...not more than one anyway, and by sounds of it there was quite a few.
But then neither of you two state scorpion handling in your bios either so /shrug.

And in fairness, I did spot this one which echoes my bio.

most survivors had never seen a dead body before the flu, and a week ago hauling corpses out of the way would have been unthinkable.

She was horrified, she had never seen a dead body before,

It would apply to most I know, but mine is the only one that actually stated it outright.

Also, Nickie was only 19, another of the younger ones which goes with my theory on Carly that I said yesterday.

I've looked and I've looked, and nothing else is jumping out at me that I havent already said before, or has been said in above posts.
vwinsect 17 years ago
The biggest pull to Jet is the imitation of Vern and Vera's scene to the one in Jet's bio. That almost sways me.