Hot Fuzz

From the makers of 'Shaun of the Dead'. It's Ed and Shaun!


Lunna 17 years ago
This is one of our must see movies this year!
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Mike and I caught a late showing of this last night (thank god for sleep overs). We are HUGE fans of Shawn of the Dead and if you plan on seeing Hot Fuzz, you HAVE to see SotD first.

There are a few perfectly placed SotD moments in this one. From hopping fences, the pub, the people...a lot of the actors from SotD are in Hot Fuzz. Like the fat kid who's 17 and answers his cell phone during the store meeting that Shawn conducts right before everything goes to shit. That tall chubby ass kid is in this one and apparently grew up. He's hiding behind the mustache of one of the Sandford detectives but it's him. The cockocidal maniac is in this one too, she's the shop owner.

Nick Frost, the guy who played Ed in SotD, is Butteman. The son of the Inspector, town drunk and Nicholas Angel's side kick. They are hilarious together. They didn't show all the good lines in the previews, but they did show a good portion. Simon Pegg is the tight ass cop who's exceptional arrest record embarrasses the London Met Force. He is a stark contrast comapred to Shawn, but just as hilarious.

The ending...I won't give away but it is HA-LARIOUS. Mike and I were howling from the middle on. It's not quite SotD, but it holds its own better than Club Dred did to Super Troopers.

Adiene 17 years ago
ROFL I heard it was great! I love SoD ! I talked about it forever and kept naggin Jeff to see it but he kept doing the meh looks stupif , I'll hate it thing... lol Finally got him to and he loves it too haha! what a dork /smacks him with a dirty sock ...
Anyways, We wil be going to see it as soon as it is here . /// *waits
Xandare 16 years ago
Saw this on Saturday... seriosly good flick, my favorite line from the entire movie.. "whot? ....Nobody tells me anythin' "
ROzbeans 16 years ago
Out on DVD 7/31!!!
Lunna 16 years ago
/bounce! It's on our Netflix at the top of the Que. I've seen bits and pieces (we didnt make it to the theater).