RIP Thumbalina

The rat that used to play WoW in my sig passed to a lung infection. She had to be euthinzed because she was suffocating slowly (feet, tail turning blue). Sad day in my house to a very lovable and interactive creature.

Her dueling record stood at 47-10-3. She never could beat a warlock.


Den 17 years ago
Mylec 17 years ago
My condolences, sir.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Temprah 17 years ago
Vex 17 years ago
how long did she live?
Sarah 17 years ago
Aw, I'm sorry for your loss, Prosecution. gy
Prosecution 17 years ago
how long did she live?

Just shy of 2 years. In rat years she was about 70. So a full and happy rat life. A bit earlier then I would like to have seen her go, but guess thats life. Her last day I took her off her meds and let her drink beer to her hearts content, because she was deprived of good drink for the last 3 months while she was on antibiotics. So she went happy.
Rikr 17 years ago
Sorry to hear bro.
Calimaryn 17 years ago
My sympathy and condolences.
Adiene 17 years ago
awe, Sorry to hear that =( poor gal