Exalted Crayons - This means YOU!

As you've noticed we've opened up a new section of the board dedicated to our exalted members. Each month TAC Staff will be choosing an EXALTED CRAYON. Wow caps, huh? This person will exemplify the true nature of what TAC is. This person does not necessarily have to be a prior financial supporter (although it helps!! ) but this person will be someone who goes above and beyond to make the board a great place to be. Either with practical applications such as tutorials or just being engaging enough to promote exciting topics or maybe just a good old fashion fucking mud fight! =D

Whoever this person is, they will have had a great affect on TAC and we want to show them how appreciative we are that they choose TAC as a place to call a temporary home. If you feel that there is someone who deserves the Exalted Crayon title, please PM your nominations to any of the Staff: Vex, Verileah, Mai, Eve or myself.

TAC will be opened for 4 years this year. I just realized that the other day. 4 years. Everyone here has my deepest gratitude, my love and respect for hanging in there and making this place such a warm and beautiful place to be. I am beyond honored to have everyone here.

So with that corny shit done with...keep the interesting topics, Mafia games, art and cursing comin'!