playing around with nyte elves and a beanstock!

shiyla 17 years ago
it's a wip btw =P
Laschae 17 years ago
It's really cute. I think if you added some earth to the bottom to add to the perspective of her being up high on that bean pole vine thingy it would look like she was way high up. :P
shiyla 17 years ago
it's not aiming down though so i didnt think you'd see earth cause there was earth in the render.. was aimed so high that it wasnt showing ya know?
Sabby 17 years ago
love this!!! Such a neat idea.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Do you have any more wip's of this, Shi? At this point though, I'd concentrate on the curve/bend of her thighs and her grip on the rope. Her hands don't look natural, at least they don't really look like they're gripping the rope enough.

Maybe swing one leg forward, like she's trying to swing and it'll maybe give it more of a motion look.