Yay for critters! ^-^

Got to paint today. Wahoo! Im still not happy with my watercolor abilities. Never have I been so tempted to go back to digital but today. Digital, to me, is so much faster. But its worth sticking with it. Its worth... sticking... with ... it...

(That and Ive invested WAY too much in watercolors. )

ACEO: (2.5 inches x 3.5 inches)

She just needs white highlights, and where you see white will be gold. She will be uploaded to Ebay tomorrow.

Not really happy with this. Ugh, whatever. Will do what I can. Uploaded to Ebay prolly Weds.


Happy with this so far. She needs her white areas defined, eyes done, and the sky/lanterns painted. Also her wings. Which I dont know what color to make yet. ^-^

Not nuts about it. Just needs eyes/wings/scarf/highlights. Im hoping this one will get better as the forms take shape.

Getting there! Need to do more to the sky, her wings, and her markings. But shes pretty cute. I dont know why my neat night sky effect isnt working larger scale here, it works great on the aceo test I did for it....

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ROzbeans 16 years ago
What kind of watercolors do you use, Starry and how does what you use compare to what's out there? These are silly and cute, by the way =)
Starry 16 years ago
I use "the good stuff" : Daniel Smith Watercolors

The "best" watercolors generally speaking are Daniel Smith, Yarka, Winsor Newton, and some others that I cant think of. They are more or less of the same price range, average of $10 a tube.

Now, Winsor Newton has a "Cotman" set thats less, but from what Ive observed all the watercolors of the "student" range arent nearly as bright or vibrant as the "artist" sets.

Basically what I did was figured if the 3 people whos art I liked best used a Daniel Smith main palette, thats what I wanted. ^-^

And yay for silly and cute. Thats kinda my target market.
ROzbeans 16 years ago
Kewl, I looked up your link and did some googling with wikipedia and found a lot of information on the medium! I'd very much like to try this with Catherine this summer =)
Adiene 16 years ago
nice! I love the Bast one !
Starry 16 years ago

Yay its done! =D