SNAP Magazine issue 003 released

Welcome To Issue 003

Introducing the launch of our third issue of SNAP magazine, we have 72 pages of the best photography and photomanipulation. The quality of the work in this third issue is spectacular, featuring such talents as Toria Best, Arwa AlAslai, Diana Pinto, Daiana Wirth, Jane Linders, and many many more.


Cover artist DOU shares his thoughts and wonderful photomanipulations in his interview. Along with DOU, we have an interview with Macro Photographer, Christian Hecker,and portrait photographer Tanya Simpson. Making his second appearence Phil Fensterer opens his mind and shares the thoughts behind his stunningly dark photomanips.

Special Features :

We explore in depth, in a joint interview, the partnership of Deb Schwedhelm and Tina Louise Baker, as they showcase some more of their beautiful and nostalgic work in the 'Hand-Me Down Dress' Series. Join us as they talk us through their motivation and passion for photography.


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SNAP Issue 002

If you like the look of Issue 003, you'll love issue 002!

SNAP Issue 002 has 72 pages of the best photography and photomanipulation, featuring such talents as Olga Trusova, Lelia Katherine Thomas, Dany Caputo, James Perdue, Phil Fensterer, Aunia Kahn, and Joerg Warda. Making his second appearence Andreas Stridsberg shares his most latest drop-shots with us, and fills us in on his latest endevours.....

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ROzbeans 17 years ago
These are so exciting to see! You do a really great job putting them together, Lill. Thanks for sharing them here and giving us a new perspective. After I saw you post this the first time, I bugged my rl girlfren to register here since she does photography too.

Thanks again!
LillianaSapphire 17 years ago
Your welcome roz i'm glad you enjoy them!
Mai 17 years ago
Beautiful and well put together!
LillianaSapphire 17 years ago
Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.