Jumping in with both feet

I figured it was time to get back into the art thing and since my art is mostly all dolling that's where I started. I didn't have any specific inspiration I just found a base and went ooh neat.

Then I started drawing and this is what I have so far.

The hair is done...I think. I'll be adding a pretty lace veil to the front portion of her hair and down over her face.

I've done nothing but block out the skirts and bodice. As you can see she is all decked out for spring in her blue over dress with shell pink under dress. I could use some advice on the skirt as it stands. I'm pretty happy with bodice shape and style, but the skirts are torturing me with their uneven bumpiness and stuff.

Base by Shouri

vwinsect 17 years ago
she's going to be lovely. I like the hair style much. And the colors for the dress are springy.

ROzbeans 17 years ago
I've only done like two or three dolls in my lifetime, so I don't have any suggestions for texturing or anything like that - however I know what I like and so far I like it. The colors are great and you got the nice hoopy look of those period dresses. Let's see more!
Mai 17 years ago
Nice start you have there, Sarah

This site has several dress tutorials that might help. They are not exactly the same style but it does have one on folds.


Or this one, but again its not exactly the same.
Sarah 17 years ago
Thanks Vw and Roz. ^_^

That first one will be really helpful Mai! Thanks!
Sarah 17 years ago
I finished her...

Again, Base by Shouri

I did a lot of trial and error with the cloth texture. I tried it with both of the tuts Mai gave me, but neither style fit the feel I wanted so I just scribbled until I got the right look.

The veil is done on four separate layers, and the part over the face was just a block of color that I took the transparency down to 50% on. The rest is blocked in pixel by pixel. I'm not sure how I feel about the flowers in her hair, but I think they work ok.
FyreGarnett 17 years ago
she turned out loverly! that veil is the perfect touch!

about the flowers - maybe it's that they're the only yellow thing in there? maybe a complimentary shade of the blue or pink, cuz they are a nice touch... or if there were some of the yellow ones as accent on the dress... *shrug* just a thought!!
Trakhina 17 years ago
Like how the fabric turned out on her.
Sarah 17 years ago
Thanks ladies! =)
ROzbeans 17 years ago
I've noticed it's hard to get depth with pixeling - rather I don't know how to do it, but maybe some additional highlighting/shadows can give the skirt more depth? Her veil is adorable and the lace - that had to have been uber hard =x
Sarah 17 years ago
Aw that's sweet, but the lace is beyond simple.

I lay out my base color and then pick a hue that is about six times darker, then I go through my brush drop downs until I find a pattern I like, then I shrink it to a 10 pix size and lay down a pattern.

Then I merge the pattern layer with the base layer so that I can shade them together.

In all each panel took me just a couple of minutes each.

I think I may come back to her, but all in all it's a good go round. =)
Den 17 years ago
Nice And I like the way the teal looks like taffeta now