Young Love!

So, I have a friend, that I go out walking with every day. She has a little 15 month little boy, that my daughter plays with (she's 1). While we're walking along, they will often reach out to eachother & hold hands if we're close enough! We got a pic of it one day.

How adorable is this:

ROzbeans 16 years ago

I got a picture of Catherine with her first kiss at 7 months. I gotta scan it!
Adiene 16 years ago
lol cute
Laschae 16 years ago
Way cute! Makes me wish I had some baby pics of my girls handy. I had a cute one of when Kami was born and CeCe kissed her head and kept saying "nice head little toes" :P
Den 16 years ago
Awww...I'm with ROz on this.../SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
omg! when my oldest son and my best friends daughter were littel, they were always doing stuffs like that! it was so cute!!! dang i miss those days....

awesomely cute pic!
Beli 16 years ago
LOL. I got my first love letter written to me by a guy in the sixth grade. It was unbelievably corny. My mom made me show it to my dad and he laughed and handed it back to me and said that I should save it. It's actually in one of my baby books somewhere! I just got reminded of that when Roz mentioned getting her daughter's first kiss.
ROzbeans 16 years ago
I only have a black and white scanner but I gotta bring the pictures into work. There are 3 of them - one starts with chubby Catherine reaching out to my best friend's son Brantley who's about 7 months older than her. They're playing on the floor of her apartment. She's reaching out, then the next one is him with this deer in the headlights look where she's coming in for the kiss, then the third one is of him with his head tilted down and Catherine kissing/eating his nose.

We were rolling. I have them in this 3 picture frame in order right in the hallway when you walk in the door. I look at it everyday, it's so friggin cute. I gave copies with the same frame my girlfriend and we still squee about it when we talk. She's in kentucky now though. Catherine gets embarrassed when I show people the pictures.
Mai 16 years ago
I can just imagine her teenage years now...
ROzbeans 16 years ago
I can just imagine her teenage years now...

SnowDragon 16 years ago
Let me warn you now the teenage years suck. I swear my husband would have a shot gun cleaning it (if I would let him) everytime a boy comes over for any of the girls. Makes it worse they are all around the teenage years now. I try to be the mediator when it comes to the girls and my husband.
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
i had more then one potential boyfriend scared off by the gun cabinet *shakes head* i swear, the guys at school compared notes about my father (seriously - they did. i found out later!!!)