Poser6 reflections - HELP!!! :)

the good news - i finally figured out how to do a reflection! the bad news - her skin looks like crap... and i am totally clueless what happened... i have no idea what to tweak next and everything i've tried has been worse than this...

here are the material settings on the floor -

i am using the Primitive Square Hi-Res in this particular go round, which for some strange reason is listing as a cloth something or other.

my render settings, since it's entirely possible that's what i've messed up!!

any help at all is very much appreciated!!!!

ROzbeans 15 years ago
I never use auto settings, I do manual settings. What version is this, p6 or p7?
Adiene 15 years ago
Hrmm I never use blinn on reflected surfaces, and only have one node.
What I do is load my cloth plane, resize/color/texture and in P6 using the simple settings window in the mat room I hit add reflection and set the color / value after. So not sure what ya are doing there , I not much help *cry*
ROzbeans 15 years ago

I use those settings =)
FyreGarnett 15 years ago
oooohhhh..... cool!! that's a ton of help actually - now to set to those and see what i get...

thank you thank you thank you!!!

and dingbat that i am, i kept reminding myself while posting the pics to say that this was in 6. *smacks forehead*

i tried the autosettings - nothing happened. i spent hours in trial and error last night, determined SOMETHING was gonna reflect!!! not sure what i learned, other than tom cruise really can't act... (had cocktail on in the background for the last 2 hours of this!!)
FyreGarnett 15 years ago
of all the stupid....

after messing and messing and messing with this, resetting and resetting and resetting...

it was the skin texture.

i kid you not - once i switched the skin tex, the darn thing rendered like it was supposed to.

Vex 15 years ago
i knew it was the skin texture lol

it had displacement or something wrong.

i think you need to upgrade your p6 to the latest SR to fix that.

also, reflections won't show up on auto settings because "raytracing" isn't enabled. you have to tick that or they won't show up.
FyreGarnett 15 years ago

my sister just stared at me when i told her what happened. then started laughing.

i must have wasted, i mean spent, 8 hours total trying to get this to work, including render time, and it was the skin texture.

she's just lucky looks can't kill!!!

thank you guys - your suggestions were a huge help!!!

(she did suggest somethingabout alien alter egos.... *grrrr*)
Vex 15 years ago
sorry i didnt see the thread sooner to help ya out.
FyreGarnett 15 years ago
no prob - if nothing else i got to test the outer limits of my patience where this sometimes silly program is concerned!!