3D Modeling tool question

I'm hoping someone out there will have some advice on a good (and hopefully not too expensive) program for modeling 3D objects. Basically I'm looking for something in which I can start to make my own props and clothing pieces for use with Poser figures.

I have a copy of Shade 7 designer LE that came bundled with Poser 6, which seems to do what I want – except for one thing. I need to be able to import Poser figures (Victoria, etc.) so that I can design clothing around the figure. Shade has a "PoserFusion" feature that is supposed to do this, but I can't get it to work.

So... what would you recommend to get started on doing my own 3D modeling, specifically for Poser props and clothing items? I'm somewhat considering getting the Shade 8 product, which is supposed to integrate with Poser 7, but it doesn't seem like Shade is very widely used. I'd be very grateful for any thoughts you might have regarding any tools or techniques to do this.

SnowDragon 15 years ago
I wish i could answer your question. I have so many programs and still don't know how to make my own clothes even though in my head I have so many ideas just don't know how to do it. Tried finding any kind of tutorial to try to help me and that is just as hard to find. I wish one of our wonderful artist that know how to make their own clothes could make a basic tutorial to help those of us that would like to. Would be a god send.
Sartori 15 years ago
It looks like Shade will probably work out for me after all. So I'm going to be sticking with what I have for the time being. Some friendly folks over at shaderscafe gave me the name of someone to PM at ContentParadise who seems to be one of e-frontier's tech support people, so eventually I think I'll be able to get this to work.

As for tutorials, the only one I've found are specific to Shade (naturally)... don't know how useful it would be, but reading this gives me an idea of the basic process. Of course, making conforming clothing would be a lot more involved, but to start with I'm hoping to at least create some dynamic pieces I can use in the cloth room.

Janthin 15 years ago
Silo, hands down the easiest to use and cheapest modeling program that will do everything you want. I love it. You can make anything with it.
Sartori 15 years ago
Wow! Silo is cool! As you said, it's inexpensive, easy to use and surprisingly powerful. Unfortunately I just shelled out for Vue, so my 3D app budget is pretty well used up for the time being. But I've been playing around with the "learning edition", and this program is definitely going on my must-have list. Thanks for the recommendation!
assPOPE 15 years ago
This thread is likely cold, but I'd still like to add a few links that may be of interest to others still on the fence as to what 3D program to start off with.

So, here is a list - some I've used, of others I've heard good things:
AC3D $74.95 - http://www.inivis.com/buy.html

3D Canvass/Plus/Pro (Free/$34.95/$69.95) http://www.amabilis.com/onlineregistration.htm

4DBlue (still in beta, but welcomes testers) http://www.4dblue.com/

CB MOdel Pro (Functional Beta, welcomes users and their feedback) http://www.cbmodelpro.com/

Milkshape 3D (functional development) http://chumbalum.swissquake.ch/ms3d/index.html

trueSpace v3.2 (Free) http://forms.caligari.com/forms/ts3all_free.html

TreeMagik G3 (Free) http://www.aliencodec.com/product_treemagik.php

TreeGenerator (Free) http://membres.lycos.fr/treegenerator/

Tha...that's 'bout it...
Vex 15 years ago
I was going to recommend Silo as well.

there's also one called Blender, Las (steve that runs deezsites) uses that one.

there's also hexagon over at DAZ, but i dont think its for $2 anymore :/ I picked it up when it first came out, with a huge sale on for it.