Vue vs. Bryce?

I'm looking for a program to add landscapes to my set of 3D tools. I've been considerting Vue 6 Esprit, which I feel confident is a great product, and I've heard lots of good things about the Vue rendering engine. But at $200 it's a little outside my budget.

Well, DAZ just put Bryce on sale at 60% off, meaning it can be had for $40, a real bargain. They've also put their content & tutorial bundle on sale, meaning I can get both for around $80 including shipping.

On one hand, I feel more confident that I'd be really happy with the Vue product, primarily due to what I've heard about the Vue rendering engine. On the other hand, I'm a hobbyist, not a pro, and I'm not made of money. So there's a little voice in my head that says that Bryce might well suit my needs without breaking the bank.

So, if anyone out there has had any experience with either product: what would you recommend? Any and all thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Roz: please feel free to move this post if it isn't in the right forum. Wasn't sure where to put these kinds of requests for info.

ROzbeans 15 years ago
I personally want the mega expensive cinema 4d but I'd almost say spring for Vue. Just seems to be a better renderer.

(this is also great where it is)
FyreGarnett 15 years ago
i have both and haven't been able to figure either of them out!! (and it's driving me nuts!!!)
Janthin 15 years ago
I have VUE 6 Infinite, and it's fabulous. It imports Poser figures very well, and lets you put them right into your scene. It is NOT trival to learn, but the results are fantastic. Bryce is, of course, much cheaper, but I've never been happy with the results I get from it. Your mileage may vary.

If you'd like to see a couple of the scenes I've done using VUE 6 Infinite, here are a couple of links:

Some of those are rendered completely in VUE, and some are composited renders, part done in Poser.
Sartori 15 years ago
Thanks for the responses! Janthin, those are some great images. I think all things considered I'm gonna go with Vue. I just feel a lot more confident that it'll give me what I want. Thanks again for the feedback.
Janthin 15 years ago
Feel free to ask questions once you get it. It's not simple to learn, by any means. I'm still a newbie, really, but I know a few things If I can help, I will.