Big fat questions about making conforming clothing and morphs and stuff

Ok, I made a conforming bra for V4. I got everything right (for once) and it fits and looks great. It conforms perfectly, moves with her, etc. I am pleased.

But...the bra contains all the morph dials that V4 has, even though most of them do nothing. I guess they came along for the ride when I injected the skeleton.

I don't know how to remove them. And I don't know how to make the ones I *want* to!

Anyone have a tutorial on this part of the process, or can anyone fill me in? I'm getting close!

Thanks much.

Vex 15 years ago
i would get cr2editor and morphmanager for removing unwanted morphs

as for creating morphs that fit..

you could use the tailor, or make custom morph targets and extract the morph data out of the cr2. you can inj the morph data into the bra's cr2 with readscripts or just place them directly into the cr2. it would be the same as making a custom INJ pz2 for v4's face, except you're putting it into the bra.
Janthin 15 years ago
Thanks for the tips! I did finally manage to make a bra that has only the morphs I want in it, and they seem to work, too. Whee. I'm going to pass it around for people to play with, see what comes up. It's not a very pretty piece of clothing, but right now I'm just trying to figure out the technical side. Once I understand how everything has to work, then I can get artistic about it