LK Hamilton, Harlequin...

Anyone reading the Anita Blake series? I read Harelquin last weekend, and like the new direction the series is taking, though the pace is almost frantic. I mean, how many supernatural emergencies can pop up in a 48 hr period? Damn...

Secondly, WTF is Richard all about? Is it possible to hate his ass even more? What a bitch he's coming to be...

Come on... Someone out there reads this trash beside me...

Den 16 years ago
Read them ALL!!!! And yes, Richard is a PITA! I like Nathaniel and Micah so much more.
ROzbeans 16 years ago
Eve is all big time into Hamilton, she tried to get me to read the Anita Blake series but I just can't sink my teeth into pun intended. There's something about how a female character is written - either the flaws are non existent or extremely overdone, or they're written by men who have no idea how women think. I got about halfway thru it, but its in my little end table in my bedroom, I am gonna try and finish it. =x
Den 16 years ago
I know some people have trouble reading in first person, which all of Hamilton's books are written in. I prefer it personally.
Eve 16 years ago
I don't have the new one yet which for me is blasphemy. Just haven't had a chance to get it ordered yet, and out of town this weekend. I'll prolly order it the day I get back for two day shipping, that way when the pain starts to wear off my mouth (dentist appt on Tues) I'll be able to lounge bout and enjoy it in one fell swoop
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
we have all the books in both this series and the Merry Gentry series.

but to be honest, we're extremely hesitant to get Harlequin. the last couple of books were pretty much a series of orgies and frankly, we're burned out on it. I think the last truly good book in the series was Obsidian Butterfly. She actually went out and accomplished something in that one!
Maelgrim 16 years ago
The first few books in the Anita Blake series were much better before Anita turned into some super woman with all the weird sex and super magical powers. Her other series I can't get into at all, it is awful imho.
Lunna 16 years ago
I've read both series except Harlequin. I'm really hoping she moves away from the metaphysical sexual orgies in this one. I really miss the mysteries and zombie stories. Yes Richard is a PITA and if there were some way for him to eat shit and die without killing the intire cast I'd be all for it. What a whiney little bitch he is.

The thing Im really looking forward to in this new book is Edward! I loved that character.
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
whoa - Edward is back? damn. might have to read this one after all. Him i like! there's still some unresolved stuff from Obsidian - wonder if that'll get played out.